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Why Having A UK Base Can Be A Competitive Advantage, Despite Brexit

oakstone international executive search Why Having A UK Base Can Be A Competitive Advantage, Despite Brexit

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, the UK is still proving digital tech growth – in fact 50% faster than the broader economy.  In 2017, Tech City UK reported that the digital tech sector's contribution to the UK economy totalled £97 billion.

As research goes – London remains Europe’s leading city for capital investment by a large margin. The institute for public policy research specified that capital investment in tech in the U.K. was $7.17 billion in 2017, which is well ahead of any other European country.

London is a financial hub

London remains one of the leading financial hubs of the world, home to two of the world’s largest banks, Barclays and HSBC. London’s vast number of financial services companies and reputation make it a top spot for those looking to start a business or open an office here.

The Talent

With it’s abundance of international attraction, London boasts an incredibly talented workforce and is home to 250000 software developers, well ahead of Paris with 160000 and Berlin with 85000.

Many global tech and software companies are looking to expand into the region, including Apple, which plans a new European headquarters in the city for 2021 and Facebooks plans to double their headcount in its London office.

The VC Rise

British tech companies have received over £5 billion in VC funding, which is more than France (£1.55 billion), Germany (£2.15 billion) and Sweden (£644million) combined. There is no shortage of VC funding for entrepreneurs looking to launch a company or open an office in the U.K.

There’s no language barrier

Having English as a universal language for U.S. companies makes it so much easier to expand into the U.K.  A shared language, striving tech scene and an abundance of talents makes London the perfect place for U.S. software companies to expand into the U.K.  The neutral time zones also allows companies to communicate and collaborate effectively, whether that’s with candidates or clients.


It is still uncertain how Brexit will fully affect the U.K. however all the evidence points out that there are huge advantages to expanding into the U.K.