The Oakstone Achiever's Trip 2017

This Autumn, Oakstone’s Consultants and Senior consultants who achieved above expectations were invited, along with their partners, to Oakstone’s achievers trip 2017 in Ortesei, Italy to stay at the 5 star spa resort of Val Gardena Hotel ADLER.

The annual Oakstone T-R-E-A-T (“To Recognise Excellent Achievement Trip”) For the second year running we, by popular demand, set off for Ortisei in the Alps – it’s combination of calm-relaxation, facilities, location, exceptional food and outstanding service made it an easy choice. The biggest question was, were they ready for us?…. People were issued with their achievers 17 hats and wore them for at least 20 seconds.

oakstone international executive search saas achievers trip

A short and event-less flight followed by some shoehorning of luggage into the not big enough “luxury coach” got us on the ever more interesting and beautiful road up to Ortisei in Val Gardena – it is stunning. Then almost immediately we all began the arduous and continuous task of drinking, eating and strolling from spa to massage to facial to snacks back to drinking and eating some more. I think a great time was had by all – even the youngsters, Iona and Cora who kept us from falling into full-on party mode which was, I think, a good thing…. Breakfasts are as good as they come and the evening unlimited multi-course a la carte dining experience is simply awesome. The wine flowed, and the best way to work off the over consumption was to drink some more and get some much-needed exercise by playing football – OK table football or pool. The footie was a success with us seeing off much of the International competition, both German and Austrian – the Pool, less so with the miniature nature of the holes on the table causing more than a little frustration – the little bu***ers just won’t go down. Various awards were up for grabs; Pig of the day, Hero,  Cyclist, Injury….. we won’t go into detail but some were competed for with gusto – and the cycling…. Those who began the mountain biking all returned to the bottom of the mountain in one piece although one of us tried harder than others not to. Andy did leave some blood on the trail and did fracture a bone or two in an effort to impress the locals. The most competitive event that didn’t entail food or drink was the boys vs girls swimming competition – lots of talk, anticipation and bravado led to a boisterous event – so much so that we were told / asked to keep it down – the boys beat the girls, even after Andy had been given a 5 second penalty for starting too early !!! Well done the boys and commiserations to the girls – roll on next year! We left with high spirits and although we were sad to leave all were well rested and already looking forward to next year’s return!!! Thanks to all those who came and contributed to a great trip!!!

- Paul Rayner, Oakstone CEO

oakstone international executive search saas
oakstone international executive search saas
oakstone international executive search saas

‘Well, I think it’s safe to say Ortisei stole our hearts! The resort was incredible, the air was so fresh, the sun was always shining and the people were friendly and welcoming. The best bit was spending the day in a robe and not feeling guilty for it; oh and the red wine! The highlight was reaching the top of the nearby mountain by cable car to a postcard view from the top; consuming some delicious, warm goulash soup and then hurling back down on mountain bikes (with only one counted injury, which wasn’t mine; phew!). I want to do it all again, please!’ – Jodie Webster, Consultant

‘It was a fantastic trip. The hotel was amazing – there’s nothing quite like relaxing in an open air salt pool with the dolomites as your view.  I think everyone had a great time.  A huge thanks to Oakstone for such a generous gift.’ – Euan Crosby, Managing Consultant

‘It was rubbish, couldn’t wait to get home! Joking aside, a real treat to recognise the achievements we’d made individually, but also as a team – given there were many fellow Poole based guys from my team there. It was a perfect combo of chilled, exciting, entertaining, fun and all in a truly stunning location/backdrop. I DON’T WANT TO MISS NEXT YEARS!” - Andy Strong, Divisional Director

“I had the most fantastic time in Italy with my fellow Oakstoners! Walking around in my robe and slippers is my idea of heaven.. especially after some pretty hairy mountain biking.. and few too many glasses of wine in the evenings! Adler has quickly become one of my favourite places – I loved every second, and will be pulling out all the stops to try and be back there next year with the best team around!” - Alice Wilmott, Senior consultant

“Great setting to celebrate a great year. Wonderful hotel both in facilities and service and a perfect environment to kick-back and relax. Good to spend time with colleagues outside of the parameters of work.” – Tristan Heywood, Divisional Director

“Well, what can I say? Oakstone Achievers trip 2017 was epic! Mountain spa retreat with partners in tow, sampling the delights of the Italian mountains – including wonderful food, wine, relaxation and sporting activities. Whilst the intention was to relax, most came home feeling they needed a holiday to recover due to all the booze and banter – it was well worth it! Needless to say, the camaraderie of the team made it the perfect way to celebrate a great year. Here’s to the next one!” – Steve Farr, Divisional Director