Oakstone's Snowdon Climb

This summer Oakstone was treated to an adventure filled incentive from Divisional Director, Andy Strong. We embarked on a journey to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, at an elevation of 1,085 metres above sea level. Despite the gale force winds and rain in the month on June, Oakstone’s team made it to the top. Read about our teams reviews and summaries of the experience.

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“Snowdon was a bit like going through a carwash with the roof down, only colder.” - Euan Crosby, Senior Consultant. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Cold & Wet.

“Snowdon was an awesome trip. I had so much fun and enjoyed spending time with all the team. We pulled together and reached the summit in the wind and rain. The celebrations at the hotel afterwards were brilliant and we were all thankful for a hot shower, tasty food and a few beers! We couldn’t have ended our trip with a better experience that the zipwire which was amazing. Thank you Andy for the trip, can’t wait to see what he has in store for next year.” - Josie Cozins, EA to CEO.

“Snowdon was my first mountain climb and what an unmissable experience! We had amazing postcard views before we reached the face of the mountain. That’s when the hard work really started. True camaraderie saw us to the summit. The hike back down was a lot tougher as my knees, hips and back felt like they’d seized up! The only disappointing bit was the weather which meant a lack of view when we got to the top whilst being blow about in 50mph gale-force winds! It would have been the icing on the cake to have actually seen how high we had climbed. Maybe next time?” - Jodie Webster, Search Consultant. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Round Two?

“My thoughts and experience of Snowdon was one of adventure, pushing outside of the comfort zone, team spirit, individual tenacity and I learned a lot about people whom I’ve known for a while but experienced another side to.” - Andy Strong, Divisional Director and Organiser of the Snowdon Trip. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Wet & Stunning (like my favourite wine)

“Climbing Snowdon was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done. The weather didn’t help at all and made it even harder, but we did it! We, Oakstone, did it together and that’s what matters in the end when you’re a team. We celebrated when we got to the top and also when we go to the hotel with an amazing dinner, drinks and some cheerful games - I loved it! Thanks Oakstone for keeping us motivated and a special thanks to Andy Strong who is a great leader even after working hours.” - Carolina Nunes, Search Consultant. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Challenging & teamwork.

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“Great sense of achievement getting to the top in miserable conditions. everyone making sure everyone else was OK and in good spirits was inspiring! The views we saw through the gaps in the fog were amazing, definitely going to go back and do it again… on a nicer day. Never has a hot chocolate been more deserved or tasted better when we go to the bottom.” - Grant Brackpool, Senior Consultant. Two Words to sum up Snowdon: Cold & Wet.

“Climbing Snowdon with Oakstone was an experience that I’m not going to forget in a hurry. The weather was absolutely miserable with torrential rain but as a team, despite the terrible weather and a couple of challenges en route, joking, singing and dancing we made it to the top! I had an amazing time and would even do it again.” - Melanie Western, Executive Assistant. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Wet & Worth-it

“Despite the fact it was freezing cold, there was virtually no viability, 60mph winds and hammering it down with rain with ‘paths’ that quickly became waterfalls - we made sure we got to the top, and more importantly we were determined to do it as a team leaving no member behind. If one went down, we all went down. Luckily we made it - and we laughed (almost) the entire way up and down again. True warriors and one of the best teams going!” - Alice Willmott, Senior Consultant. Two words to sum up Snowdon: Resilient & Rewarding