Get to Know the Oakstone Team: Gemma Rowe

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Meet Oakstone Recruitment Consultant, Gemma Rowe

Why did you join Oakstone?

I always wanted to get into recruitment.  In my previous job recruitment was always a minor part of the role but it was always the best part.

How long have you been at Oakstone?

8 months

What’s the best thing about the management?

Everyone is super easy to talk to, they will always give you the time of day and everyone is open and approachable.  It always nice that you can walk up to the CEO of the company and ask to speak to him about anything.

What’s the worst thing about the management?

Being roped into playing table football

Describe the culture at Oakstone

Friendly, open, approachable, fun and professional.

What do you do in your spare time?

I like to go on little adventures and explore random places. I like to eat a lot and make wedding shoes as a side business.

What makes you laugh?

Awkward situations!

What makes you angry?

Bad drivers, slow driver or any other drivers on the road.

What frustrates you?

Indecisive people… especially people who can’t decide where to eat!

What’s your greatest strength?

I’m a quick learner and I’m approachable

What your weakness?

Sometimes I jump into things without thinking about it.  I’m a typical Taurus – a bull in a china shop.