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Get to Know the Oakstone Team: Alice Willmott

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Meet Oakstone Recruitment Consultant, Alice Willmott

Why did you join Oakstone? 

I had graduated and started a career in Marketing, however it wasn’t fulfilling enough for me – I realised that I needed to be in Sales. Whilst I hadn’t considered recruitment before, as soon as I met with Oakstone I was completely sold!

How long have you been here?

4 and a half years.

What’s the best thing about the management?

They’re genuine interest in us – it is clear that they will do everything in their power to help us succeed and achieve our goals, both short and long term. The support is ongoing, and they will always make themselves available no matter what.

What's the worse thing about management?

I have seen some interesting shirts in my time at Oakstone. Another reason to look forward to the annual summer do!

Describe the culture

Fast paced, supportive, energetic, hardworking and lots of fun!

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to travel and visit new places, any kind of water sports (which is why I love living by the sea), and walks with my miniature dachshund, Snoopy.

What makes you laugh?

Cheese jokes.

What makes you angry?

Any kind of a delay.

What frustrates you?

Losing at table football (it doesn’t happen very often!)

What your greatest strength?

The ability to learn from my mistakes, brush myself off, and get on with it!

What are your Weakness?

I can’t multitask. When I’m in the zone, I may as well be on another planet.