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Get to Know The Oakstone Team: Steve Farr

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Meet Oakstone Divisional Director and Managing Consultant, Steve Farr

Why did you join Oakstone?

Paul gave me my first chance in sales (when others wouldn’t) and sold me the dream! 😊

How long have you been here?

13½ years and counting

What’s the best thing about the management?

They provide equal measure of autonomy and support

Worst thing about management?

Excessively loud sneezing

Describe the culture

Competitive, collaborative and fun

What do you do in your spare time?

Spend time with my wife and 4 month old daughter.… either that or on the golf course (when I can escape)

What makes you laugh?

Office banter, Inbetweeners / Friends re-runs

What makes you angry?

Losing deals. Losing ‘wheel of tea’. Losing full stop.

What frustrates you?

My wayward golf game

What is your greatest strength?

Ability to keep calm under pressure (or at least look calm)

What is your biggest Weakness?

Time-keeping. Jodey will vouch for this as this should’ve gone out yesterday! ☹

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