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Oakstone Partners' Golf Day 2019

Following the success of our 2018 Partners’ Day at the Old Thorns Golf Club, Oakstone hosted a similar event this year to show appreciation to our partners to enable cross fertilisation of ideas, contacts and strategies.

This April, Oakstone International invited some of our partners’ to the Old Thorns Golf Club for a day of appreciation, food, prizes and golf.

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“Well the Oakstone Golf event was even more of a success in year two that it was last year. 

More guests, great weather and some not too shabby golf – from some participants…..

I believe as well as enjoying the course (mainly), some fun company and the inevitable roller coaster of the play, there were some valuable conversations taking place between both existing contacts and also several new ones. It was great to see and hear industry experts talking about issues, challenges and sharing tactics and strategies amongst each other – I love to see so called competitors enjoying an opportunity to explore common challenges and then be happy to offer advice to each other – this doesn’t seem to happen as much as it used to and I believe that’s a shame.

We are delighted to have provided a platform for such interactions to take place and given the apparent success we plan to host an even better event next year.

Thank you to all those who joined us and hope to see even more of you next year.

- Paul Rayner, Oakstone CEO.