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Improve Your Onboarding Process To Improve Your Business

Changing jobs shouldn’t be an easy decision, that’s why we work so hard to find the right talent who are open to new opportunities.

We have written countless blogs on company culture and treating employees like they are customers; however, a lot of companies are still getting it wrong and letting great talent slip through their fingers.  Other companies are treating the talent right until they are hired, then expecting new employees to fit in seamlessly without any assistance from current employees or managers.

For the candidate/employee, a great experience should start right at the beginning and be apparent throughout and it is the responsibility of the company to ensure this is managed.

A recent survey by Korn Ferry future step showed that 10-25% of new hires leave within the first six months. Why? These stats show the perceived importance of onboarding and that so many companies are focused on finding the right talent that their onboarding experience is often forgotten about.

Here are some suggestions on creating a great onboarding programme.

  1. Provide a warm welcome

Let everyone know that someone new is starting with the company so they can introduce themselves and get to know the new team member.  Letting the team get to know the new person will instantly bond them to the company making them feel welcome and part of the team.  Schedule team lunches for informal time with the team.  Getting to know the team is also getting to know the culture so let your new person warm to their new surroundings.

  1. Establish clear goals and provide training

Having some time with managers and senior leaders to go through goals and training is important.  New people need to know what they’re doing and will welcome some guidance even if they are experts in their field. Establishing a clear path with their new company is crucial in planning.  Having goals are motivating and show that their new role is valued.

  1. Schedule regular check in’s during the first 90 days, and one on one time with senior leaders.

This will provide them an opportunity to ask any questions they may have over the first 3 months – which they are bound to have.   Having meetings with leaders also shows them that their role is important and worth developing with the company rather than looking for opportunities elsewhere.

  1. Tour the building

Show your new person around – they don’t know where things are and you shouldn’t presume they do.  Showing someone around lets them to get know their new surroundings. Once a new employee knows their way around they feel like they’re much more part of the team and no longer in the dark about their environment.

  1. Consider giving them a buddy or mentor

Having a go to person is helpful and provides direct guidance to the new person.  Letting them know that one person is always there to help them is reassuring and helpful.

By improving your on boarding process you are showing your new employees they have made the right decision by joining you and right decision to stay with you.  Keep them happy and the best talent may not ever leave!

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