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‘I have dealt with Tristan for a number of years and cannot speak highly enough of him.  Efficient, professional, clear and businesslike.’

– P.S. regarding his experience with Oakstone Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood.

‘Excellent, Supportive, Spot on.’

A.H. regarding his experience with Oakstone Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood

‘Throughout the recruitment process Gemma and Tristan have been knowledgeable, attentive and proactive in their approach. An absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, I am extremely happy to have accepted the position with Smartling that the team contacted me in relation to and will recommend Oakstone based on the great experience I have had.’

– D.M. regarding his experience with Consultant, Gemma Rowe and Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood.


‘I like the candidates that are put forward.  They are exactly what I’m looking for.  Oakstone understand the culture of the company, they understand the people that they’re dealing with, they deliver candidates who are more likely to succeed in that environment.

The life of any organisation is the people that it has. Getting a candidate that is right for the position and then fits in with the culture and stays with me for a long period of time – that’s the value that Oakstone brings. They say, they do and they deliver.’

– Joe Jouhal, CEO, Avatu.

Servicemax/ GE Digital

‘Oakstone make a real effort to find good quality candidates that fit into the profile of the people I’m looking for as opposed to blindly throwing CVs at me, which is what a lot of recruitment consultants do.

Their specialisations are really in a number of areas – technical skills, business skills and the third and most important thing for me is personality, is this personality really going to fit into my current team and really not upset the team ethic? That’s how I would differentiate Oakstone from other recruitment consultants.

Recruiting people is a very time consuming process, but a very important process.  The value Oakstone brings to me is, bringing me quality candidates in a short amount of time and help me to get that candidate through the process as quickly as possible.  Oakstone is absolutely a quality organisation.’

– Neil Lewis, EMEA Sales Consultant, Service Max/ GE Digital.


‘The principal value that Oakstone brings is about getting the right people.  I think Oakstone work incredibly hard to understand my business.  They are professional, honest and they get the job done.’

– Jon Mills, Senior Sales Executive, Curvature.


‘What differentiates Oakstone from its competitors? One would be their ability to consistently deliver very high levels of integrity and accountability, they also do everything will a good degree of fun, humour and humanity.

The significant value added in terms of the service that Oakstone delivers? – my organisation recently did a cost analysis of each day we go by without filling a headcount, particularly in sales – it’s a lot of money.  Oakstone help us deliver results by bringing in talent sooner rather than later – that is of considerable value.’

– Robin Martin, Sales Director – LogMeIn.

“A company is its people. Incredibly positive feedback for Alice Willmott, who recruited me for Coupa. Alice is friendly, communicative and effective. She carried herself with the utmost professionalism throughout the recruitment process.”

– N.G. regarding his experience with Oakstone senior consultant, Alice Willmott.

“Very good contact with my interlocutors.”

– S.K. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood and Consultant, Jodie Webster.

“Good experience and great professionalism of all the people I’ve worked with at Oakstone.”

– A.A. Regarding their experience with Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood and Consultant, Carolina Nunes at Oakstone International.

“I felt good about the whole process. Tristan and Anna did a fantastic job explaining the job opportunity, preparing me for meetings, follow up on interviews. Great job!”

S.H. regarding her experience with Oakstone International Division Director, Tristan Heywood and consultant, Anna Faldowski.

“Very good. My CV was well matched to prospective job and plenty of advice/feed back before and after interviews.”

– S.H. regarding his experience with Oakstone International and Managing consultant, Dan Hammond-Smith.

“Great working with Oakstone, prompt feedback, full briefing and the team goes the extra mile.”

C.B. regarding their experience with Oakstone Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood.

“Very qualified approach and perfect contacting.”

– A.V. Regarding his experience with Oakstone Consultant, Jodie Webster and Divisional Director, Steve Farr.


– S.L. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Andy Strong and Senior consultant, Alice Willmott,

“Great customer experience, from start to finish. Gemma and Andy supported my journey throughout the interview process, and were always on the other end of the phone if I needed them.”

– H.G. regarding her experience with Division Director, Andy Strong and Consultant, Gemma Rowe.

“My experience of Oakstone and Tristan Heywood particularly has been excellent, an extremely professional and well run organisation who take the time to understand their candidates and what makes them tick. Oakstone went to bat for me as much as the company that hired them to fill the position and that meant a lot to me particularly as I had been in my present position for 17 years! A truly professional organisation.”

– J.G. regarding his experience with Division Director, Tristan Heywood and Oakstone International.

“I really enjoyed dealing with this professional agency and would recommend them to jobseekers and employers alike. My main contacts were Steve and Jodie who helped me secure an attractive position with a great company. Many thanks.”

– K.F. regarding her experience with Divisional Director, Steve Farr and Oakstone Consultant, Jodie Webster.

“Extraordinary can be the word. Professional dedication in each single part of the process. Carolina & Tristan got the higher interest and motivation from me and they provided with the all arguments and information needed to help me to take the right decision.”

– R.M. regarding his experience with Oakstone Consultant, Carolina Nunes and Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood.

“Hi Alice,

Thank you again for reaching out to me on this opportunity and also for your approach with me during our call yesterday.

Good recruiters are rare.  Good recruiters that work in interesting (data software) markets are rarer still.  Oakstone call me with very interesting opportunities (e.g. Exari, Ayasdi, Cutover, Bizagi) and the team of people you have at Oakstone is great; You, Tristan and Andy are all a pleasure to work with.

I do have golden handcuffs on and very busy (lucrative) in the market.  You said that if anything changes that I know where you are.  I really appreciate this, Alice, as I properly value the team at Oakstone and would like to be able to get your help if needed in the future.  I’m always grateful to hear about interesting opportunities in the market too.

Please let’s stay in touch.”

– E. K. regarding his experience with Alice Willmott and other members of the team at Oakstone International.

“Excellent follow up and alignment of expectations with candidate and employer alike.”

– B.H. regarding his experience with Oakstone international and Tristan Heywood

“Overall a very positive and professional experience. I liaised with Simon Bennett throughout, who introduced me to SiteImprove. Needless to say the conversations went well and Simon was always very quick to respond or support me with information and answers to queries. It felt like working with a consultant/colleague rather than a big firm recruiter, which was very positive.”

– K.O. regarding his experience with Oakstone International and Senior Consultant, Simon Bennett.

‘The recruitment process ran smoothly and thank you to Tristan Heywood at Oakstone for all his help, it was invaluable.’

– C.M. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood and Oakstone International.

“Very positive feedback from beginning till end of the recruitment process.  All employees are very professional and provide the right information on time.”

– B.C. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Andy Strong.

“Oakstone’s Alice Willmott did a really good job! Perfect preparation, constant high-level assistance & support, always seamless information. As good as it gets.”

– V.A. regarding their experience with Oakstone International and Senior Consultant, Alice Willmott. 

“Relations and support with Dan Hammond-Smith were excellent and utterly Professional.”

– G.J. regarding his experience with Managing Consultant, Dan Hammond-Smith.

“Anna and Andy,

Here I’m again 😊. Another year passed (3 years right now!), and I would like to share with you the great success of the Italian branch! Now we’re 30 people… we’ve a 2018 target of 4.5M€… we represent the first country in SynerTrade in new business and new brands acquisitions… Giulia is involved in the Product Innovation and Methodology team… I’m in the extended Board of Directors…

So… thanks again for the opportunity you gave us in shortlisting our profiles!”

– Sergio Perego, Country Manager at Synertrade regarding his experience with Division Director, Andy Strong and Executive Search Consultant, Anna Faldowski.

“Great experience, was consulted and supported with valuable advice during the whole journey.”

– S.A. Regarding her experience with Senior consultant, Simon Bennett.

“I had a great experience working with Jodie Webster and Tristan Heywood. They are both very reliable, friendly and professional. The process was really smooth and they both supported me through each step. I think that Tristan’s insight into the clients and their personalities really helped to manage my expectations and helped me prepared. I was really impressed when Tristan called me to provide me tips on what they might ask me. I am also very pleased how he negotiated on my behalf. Thank you! I will definitely be recommending you!”

– O.S. regarding her experience with Oakstone International, Executive Search Consultant, Jodie Webster and Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood.

“I was working with Steve throughout the process. Steve was very professional and sold the role and opportunity to me well. Steve was also very good at managing the process with me against other opportunities where I was out interviewing.”

– J.P. Regarding his experience with Oakstone International and Divisional Director, Steve Farr.

“I found Oakstone to be very professional and easy to deal with. They were also supportive and helpful throughout the recruitment process.”

– J.F. regarding her experience with Oakstone International and Senior Consultant, Alice Willmott. 


“I really enjoy working with Tristan – he is so helpful in knowing the market / the roles / the tools they use etc. – really appreciate all of that insight over and above getting CV’s.”

– Ky Nichol, CEO at Cutover.

“Consultant Jodie Webster was very reactive, professional and comprehensive during the whole process. Oakstone has great industry contacts which have allowed me to be part of this great opportunity”

– N.O. Regarding his experience with Consultant, Jodie Webster.

“Oakstone are, have always been, and continue to be one of the best recruiters around. I’ve known them for a while now and always found them to be very professional, properly listening to the brief and acting in the best interest of both client and candidate.”

– D.L. Regarding his experience with Oakstone International and Divisional director, Steve Farr.

‘Andy was professional and helpful throughout the process – good communication and his colleague took over seamlessly when Andy was off for a long weekend.’

– T.N. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Andy Strong.

‘I don’t really ever do this but I wanted to complement you on the way you do your job.  I have talked with a few recruiters and talent acquisition folks in the job hunting process and it is a pleasure to work with someone who prepares like you do, asks the right questions, and provides quick feedback.  Hopefully our paths cross again.’

– S.S. regarding his experience with consultant, Jodie Webster

‘Very professional and well organised; excellent communication.’

– D.S. regarding his experience with Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood and Consultant, Anna Faldowski.

“Professional and attentive at each stage of the process. Couldn’t have asked for more as a candidate.”

S.H regarding his experience with senior consultant, Alice Willmott

‘It was a great experience with Jodie. I have really appreciated her help and advises.’

– KC regarding her experience with Consultant, Jodie Webster.

“Working with Tristan was a pleasure. He was always professional, courteous and timely with our interactions, however never pushy. As we worked through my recruiting process, the trust and feedback from Tristan heightened.”

– K.K. Regarding his experience with Divisional Director and Managing Consultant, Tristan Heywood 

‘Great process. Simon has been very supportive, especially prior to the panel interview providing good ideas and feedback, as well as during negotiation after the panel interview. Nothing but positive things to say about Oakstone. Professional and friendly.’

– A.O. Regarding his experience with Senior Consultant, Simon Bennett.

“Tristan Heywood was in charge of my application. I am very happy with the job he has done on many points. He trusted me and he was always there to give the perfect advice for each interview. Very professional person. I’ll start my new job in 2 months time… Thank you very much!”

– B.G. regarding his experience with Tristan Heywood

“Great communication loop, paid attention to candidate needs, timelines and career development needs. No messing around when it came to contract discussion.”

– Candidate regarding their experience with Oakstone International

“Great follow-through. Carolina and Tristan were professional, diligent and precise.”

– R.L. Regarding his experience with Oakstone International.

Tristan only approached me with very qualified opportunities and was very well connected within each company. He was able to provide sound interviewing advice and never made me feel pressured. I was a big fan long before he got me the job at GitHub.

– Candidate headhunted by Tristan Heywood for a position at GitHub.

“Tristan only approached me with very qualified opportunities and was very well connected within each company. He was able to provide sound interviewing advice and never made me feel pressured. I was a big fan long before he got me the job at GitHub.”

– Candidate regarding his experience of Oakstone and Divisional Director, Tristan Heywood 

Work from the Team was near-perfect: – Qualification on the job was on the spot – Follow-up was very proactive – I was informed of all the steps of the process.

– E.P. regarding his experience with Oakstone International

“I probably won’t be job hunting again for a while, but when I am I would definitely use Oakstone.”

– L.S. regarding her experience with Senior Consultant, Simon Bennett

‘I want to thank you for your efforts. I can tell you that this has been the best contact of this kind that I have ever experienced.

You really are an amazing consultant.’

– Oliver S. regarding his experience with Senior Consultant, Simon Bennett.


“Andy and his team at Oakstone began working with me at Eloqua in 2010.

At first I was sceptical as all recruiters say they can deliver great results and many ask to be retained and work exclusively – up to that point my view was this a risky strategy that I didn’t want to commit to.

Andy, was happy to prove their delivery capability on a contingency basis but soon we were keen to move to a sole supplier arrangement as this allowed Oakstone to focus more resources on my behalf and the results followed.

Over the following 3 years I worked exclusively with Andy and Oakstone to search out the best talent to join our Sales and PreSales teams in EMEA – the results were excellent with Oakstone recruiting 35 people for us which was about 75% of the EMEA team.

Partnering with Oakstone was a real win win – I recommend them highly.”

Bijan Bedroud-  VP, EMEA at Eloqua


“Oakstone quickly grasp the culture and skills set required for a specific open position. I hope we will continue to have a successful working relationship in the future.”

Isabelle Garcin- General Counsel and SVP Human Resources.


“Over the last 3 years I have worked closely with Andy and his team at Oakstone. I value their insight and their honest assessment of candidates that they put in front of us as well as their ability to deliver. They have really taken the time to understand Alfresco and this comes across in the quality of the candidates. Oakstone has placed strong senior sales and marketing talent within Alfresco and we often retain Oakstone on senior level searches throughout EMEA. Andy has personally successfully led retained campaigns for us in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Benelux and Spain. I consider Andy and Oakstone to be a real partner to myself and Alfresco.”

– Paul Hennessey, Global head of talent at Alfresco


“Jodie is the top recruiter you enjoy to meet.  She’s highly professional, providing honest feedback and following-up with candidates on a daily basis. She was always here to help and has been a strong asset in my last recruitment processes. Even if I’ve chosen an other company at the end, I will keep an excellent memory of her work. I recommend Jodie as a head hunter you can work with trust.”

-Selma Chauvin, Alfresco Marketing Director candidate.


“Over the past four years, Oakstone has sourced many key hires for us in EMEA, across all departments – key managers, sales executives, pre-sales and professional services team members.

“Their focus on delivery, cultural fit, background checks, transparency and overall professionalism fits well with our own company ethos.

“This has reflected in the high retention of people we’ve hired through Oakstone”

Rob Bernshteyn- Coupa Software CEO


I have worked with Oakstone for the past 8 years now and they consistently find great talent for us for each and every challenging role that we give them. What I like the most is they are a truly client focused executive search agency. They will always get the right specification before start any search and take the heavy lifting of us by understanding our culture, requirements and timescales and producing a short list who are usually very hard to pick from. In an over crowded market its sometimes disheartening working with search firms who spray the market looking for candidates. Oakstone are a selective business who only give us the best candidates in line with our requirements.

Lindsay McEwan – General Manager, EMEA, Tealium

Richard – Sales Director, Software Industry

As a candidate its easy to forget the recruitment team in the heat of securing a new role, but you have each invested your time in me and I greatly appreciate that – thank you.

I’m very impressed with Oakstone, whilst individuals you possess a shared focus on doing whats right for both client and candidate, focused on long term relationships and the big picture, an approach not common in the recruitment business, certainly something I’ve not experienced before. I imagine that’s part of the Oakstone difference.

Rest assured when asked about recruiters there is only one name I suggest – Oakstone – thanks again for your valued support.

Matt – Marketing Lead, Software Industry

The consultants at Oakstone have been a pleasure to work with. They successfully guided me through a series of interviews at a SaaS startup to take a position leading their UK marketing operations. They made sure I knew exactly what to expect at each stage of the interview process, supporting me with well-considered preparation work and insightful feedback. I would definitely recommend anyone seeking a reliable and honest recruitment agency to contact Oakstone. 


Working with Oakstone over the past 7 years has been truly key to the growth of our business at Neolane.

Their knowledge of the software industry and their impressive ability to reach, not only to but beyond their world-class network, accessing our entire target candidate audience has resulted in superb hiring results and the money invested giving a great return.

Oakstone’s reach is International and their standards of Integrity and Professionalism and results have combined to make them the best recruiters we have worked with, by far.

They have always taken the long-term approach, been persistent, helped us with market trends, salaries levels, and real assistance selecting and securing the right candidates.

Oakstone has provided us with an excellent service and have always been worth our financial investment with them.

Benoit Gourdon – Neolane, EVP Europe & Asia Pacific, Co-Founder


I have worked with Oakstone for nearly ten years to identify and deliver key individuals to drive our business forward across Europe. They have always succeeded in providing very high quality candidates in a very timely fashion where others have failed completely or have delivered candidates with a marginal fit. They are highly professional, ultra focussed and continue to provide me with an excellent service.

Graeme McLaren – EMM Channel Leader, Europe


I have worked with Oakstone over a number of years, with multiple companies, to help recruit the best talent into my respective organisations. What sets Oakstone apart from their competitors is the amount of upfront research and planning that they undertake to initially understand the role and profile of the individual that you are looking to recruit, then the methodical approach that they use to identify suitable candidates, managing the whole process on both sides and adding value at each step to both parties. Ultimately, this approach has delivered excellent candidates, resulting in the best talent joining my teams. Due to this, I exclusively use Oakstone for all of my recruitment requirements.

Mark Pidgeon – Head of Technical Services, EMEA, Splunk

HP Enterprise Services

I have found Oakstone to deliver a professional service with valid guidance and commitment to client and candidate alike. Their market knowledge enables Oakstone to proactively suggest , rather than react, to enquires providing important industry and company insights.

Andrew Ewing – Alliance sales & portfolio lead, Big Data and Emergent Analytics, HP Enterprise Services

Integrity Software

I have used Oakstone over more than 20 years and have found them to be extremely professional in approach, intelligent in process and thinking, always fair and ethical in all areas of conducting business. Sadly these characteristics are uncommon in general and almost unheard of in recruitment.

Stewart Holness – Group CEO Integrity Software