“Andy and his team at Oakstone began working with me at Eloqua in 2010.

At first I was sceptical as all recruiters say they can deliver great results and many ask to be retained and work exclusively – up to that point my view was this a risky strategy that I didn’t want to commit to.

Andy, was happy to prove their delivery capability on a contingency basis but soon we were keen to move to a sole supplier arrangement as this allowed Oakstone to focus more resources on my behalf and the results followed.

Over the following 3 years I worked exclusively with Andy and Oakstone to search out the best talent to join our Sales and PreSales teams in EMEA – the results were excellent with Oakstone recruiting 35 people for us which was about 75% of the EMEA team.

Partnering with Oakstone was a real win win – I recommend them highly.”

Bijan Bedroud - VP, EMEA at Eloqua