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Using an External Hiring Partner Gives You Greater Market Insight

Oakstone International Executive Search using an external hiring partner gives you greater market insight

You urgently need to hire extra sales executives to drive growth and hit your key numbers.

You probably perceive that you have three choices:

  1. Use your network of contacts

  2. Bring in a big internal talent acquisition team

  3. Outsource the executive search process to an external partner.

That’s true up to a point. But it’s not three choices; it’s more like three steps.

This is because the faster you can get to step three – using an external partner – the faster you’ll bring in more revenue.

Here’s why…

Using Your Network Of Contacts

You didn’t get this far in business without building up a sophisticated network of business contacts all over the world.

So it’s the first place you turn to when you need to hire extra talent. But even the biggest and best networks have their limitations.

Any network worth its salt will be an agreeable bunch of people with strong credentials but here’s the issue…they may not be available and they may not challenge you much even if they are.

In this respect, your network can be an echo chamber.

So the potential hires it produces are likely to be predictable. Exactly the kind of low hanging fruit you might expect to find. But you’re unlikely to unearth the real superstars, the hidden gems, the target-smashers you don’t know and aren’t looking for a new job.

The other big downside is that you already have a busy day job. Searching for sales executives is a full-time job in itself and you don’t have sufficient time to invest in it.

Split your time between two important jobs and you will do neither well.

Internal Talent Acquisition Teams

There’s real value in having an internal team of recruiters. We work with them closely (and very successfully too).

But tasking your executive search solely to an internal team – without external input – has significant limitations.

An internal recruiter must be a jack of all trades, capable of hiring good people for any and every skill required by the company. That puts them at a disadvantage when compared with the best external consultants who specialise in key areas (such as software sales – our chosen sector).

There are two other factors that will always put the internal recruiter on the back foot:

  • They are part of the company. They may never see candidates who have negative (and erroneous) preconceptions about the company – because those people will not engage with them.

  • Even if they do engage, they will always be perceived as ‘the company’ and so will never be seen as independent.

We don’t represent just one company. We represent many. We represent high growth opportunities all over the world.

So we can give potential hires a much more rounded view. This leads to top performers taking our calls to learn what we have to discuss this month or quarter.

Outsourcing To An External Executive Search Consultant

Our view of the market is always current because we are involved in it 24/7.

So we know who the best people are, what their sales pipelines look like and what their timings are likely to be.

We’re better at finding their hot buttons. As third parties we can dig deeper into what motivates potential hires because we can have more candid conversations with them.

They may not be quite so forthcoming with an internal recruiter.

This gives us superior market insight – which means we can be more accurate in our assessment of people, making it easier for us to filter out those who are not going to move or are not quite right for your roles or culture.

We can get people through the process faster. That’s good news for two reasons:

  • Their move to your company is more likely to be successful. The longer it takes, the more chance there is that they could drop off the hook. Never forget…time kills all deals.

  • The sooner they join, the sooner they can start work on securing contracts, hitting your targets and contributing to the success of your business.

In short, we can deliver better results in less time.

Which is better? You hiring someone who hits 100 per cent of their target or us finding you someone who hits 150-200 per cent of their number?