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Oakstone's First Intern: Tom Clark

I am studying Business Information Technology at Bournemouth University. The course is aimed to develop my understanding of why, what and how technology is, can and will be used in business.

The course units include: web and media, system analysis and design, ethical hacking, networking, security, databases, business and professional issues and many more.

Following a passion for computing, in my second year of University I was working part-time at PC World. This is where I first met Paul (CEO at Oakstone). Paul was a customer of mine and whilst taking Paul through the customer journey it became clear that Paul had previously looked to employ an intern/placement student within the company; he had in fact presented at Bournemouth University. I made it clear that I was looking for a placement opportunity within a business and was very interested to see what I could offer to Oakstone, and vice versa.

After exchanging emails and clarifying that our desires were very much of a similar nature, we formally met for an interview.

Oakstone have given me the opportunity to take what I have learnt within the first two years of studying at University, and put that into practice.

Oakstone is a great company with a great team culture. We work together as a team, communication flows and there is a real sense of openness within the team.

The managerial members of the organisation continuously prioritise mentoring to help increase the development of the team’s self-esteem, productivity, technical ability, sector specialising and achievement. This mentoring has proven to expand the confidence of individuals and motivate them to achieve results, which ultimately has a positive impact on the performances and productivity of the whole team.

The executive service we provide our clients with is bespoke and of the highest quality. We are an extremely ethical organisation and have gained the trust of many international clients and built many strong relationships; this has proven to be a key attribute to our success.

My role is to support the team with my business and computing technological expertise. I provide continued support relating to networking, security, computer maintenance, internet/web, multimedia and general IT support.

With Oakstone, I have added content and functionality to Oakstone’s web presence, produced HTML email templates, analysed and applied SEO and OAO techniques and run software testing for the Oakstone mobile app. I am also involved in the network configuration of the LAN and I have created a live stream/VOIP from office-to-office/peer-to-peer.

I am keenly aware of security threats and vulnerabilities. We had a situation where a member of the team was a victim of the Metropolitan Police virus. I identified the virus, created a condition where the virus stopped processing, removed the virus and then informed

team members of the virus and the procedures each of them should take to prevent a recurrence.

These experiences, along with many other day-to-day tasks, continue to put what I have learnt at university into practice and develop me as a business and IT professional. I am infused with confidence, excitement and am looking forward to the new experiences to come. Each day I spend with Oakstone is sure to pay huge dividends and provide me with that unrivalled competitive edge over other graduates; not only for my final year dissertation, but also for when I will be looking at graduate opportunities