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What Makes Individials Want To Leave Your Company (And How You Can Motivate Them To Stay)

what makes individuals want to leave your company and how to motivate them to make them stay

One of the biggest blows a company can face is the loss of a star performer. When an employee who is hitting all their targets and is popular with colleagues and clients tells you they are leaving, the natural response is to wonder what made them decide to go. If there’s no obvious cause, then it is easy to assume they just went for the money.

However, money is rarely the sole reason for someone to accept a new position.

Generally, the deciding factor is a feeling that their current company can’t help them develop their skills any further, and that it’s no longer the best environment for them to achieve their career goals. And if you dig a little deeper into why they feel this way, more often than not the root of the problem can be traced back to leadership.

You may need to read between the lines, because employees will generally not directly cite their managers as the reason for wanting to leave, yet if they don’t see a good, rewarding career path laid out for them at the company, then that is a failure on the part of management for not making sure that vision was there for them. Leaders are responsible for morale and career path, and a good leader will work hard to understand the ambitions and needs of their team.

So what do you need to do to motivate your star team members to stay on board?

Above all, it’s vital that you take the time to listen to them and commit to supporting them in the development of their own careers. Help them to map out their long-term career goals, and see what you can do to create an environment that supports them in improving their skills and growth.

Of course you can’t ever guarantee any individual will stay with your organisation for their whole career (and you may not want them to), but by demonstrating your commitment to them, you increase the likelihood of them committing to your organisation and not being tempted by offers to move elsewhere.