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A Belated Valentines... Falling Out Of Love With Customer Services

a belated valentines.. falling out of love with customer services

In a rapidly changing world, we have high expectations of technology. We, the consumers enjoy the latest devices, gadgets and new trends.

‘Falling in love’ is an emotional roller coaster! :

Finding the new phone, the latest computer, the in-car voice activated CD player, the wireless beat box… whatever your new love may be, your excitement at some point has probably felt cheated. Perhaps not by the product itself, but maybe by the after “service” you have received.

Did you know that: – 81% of consumers are more likely to give a company repeat business after good service.

Would you go back to the same supplier if you were treated well the first time?

So should customer service departments go that extra mile to make each and every customer count? Those happy customers tell their friends and family and now share their experiences through online social networks – increasing the brand awareness and spreading that good PR. As we know bad PR – Spreads even faster!

Fact: – Companies, that prioritise the customer experience, generate 60% higher profits than their competitors.

Working within the B2B industry, the professionals we meet and talk to are always very courteous with high levels of good communication. We soon identify the people we really want to work with and they are the ones who treat us well and deliver on expectations.

In the same way we single out the people who let us down; we only work with the people who make us feel good, and with whom we can build a strong positive rewarding relationship with.

Our approach is to be thorough in our communications, understand our customers’ needs and manage our customers’ expectations, which is one reason why our partners use our services again and again.

We ALL need to play our part in improving customer service, whether we are giving it or receiving it, we can help to improve it. If we demand the best service and offer the best service then regardless of good or bad technology, gadgets or devices, we can make our experience of life with these things significantly better!