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Why Your Recruiter Should Negotiate Your Salary Package

Oakstone International Executive Search why your recruiter should negotiate your salary package

Bottom line: you’ll get more money. But we’ll get to that part later.

First let’s rewind a little and address the fundamentals …

Two Deadly Sins

You think you’re a killer negotiator. Everybody does – just like they think they’re brilliant drivers – but here’s the difference…

You really ARE a killer negotiator. That’s because you’re in sales and have years of experience at senior level.

Trouble is, so does your hiring manager. And he’s the one autographing the cheque…

You both know that good negotiating theory is all about finding the ‘win-win’ – but the truth is you both want to win just a little bit more than the other.

It’s not greed. Okay, maybe it is a little. Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko might have been a slimeball but his mantra on avarice endures.

Actually there’s more than filthy lucre at stake. There’s pride. Or to put it more accurately ‘ego’ – neither of you wants to back down.

Win hard and they will resent it forever. They may try to chisel you later down the line.

Concede and you risk undervaluing yourself. You’ll look and feel weak. You’ll always regret it – and they may see it as a sign they can walk all over you. More chiselling.

Greed and pride. Not a good combination.

Send In the Diplomats

The man who defends himself in court has a fool for a lawyer. It’s a well known legal tenet that has parallels with salary negotiating.

Go into battle without back-up and you’re on your own…while the other side has a whole team of HR advisers they can count on.

You need someone in your corner too. No matter how good you are.

So get the executive search consultant who found you the job in the first place to negotiate on your behalf.

Getting your recruiters to negotiate your package makes absolute sense. Think of us as diplomats discussing your requirements with their people in firm but dignified tones.

This important degree of separation makes the process run much more smoothly and gives you the added strength of emotionless detachment.

You’re not surrendering control. Just like a monarch or president you’re delegating an important task to trusted specialist advisers – you still get final sign-off.

You’re still the boss.

And here’s the beauty of it, you’ll secure a better deal than perhaps even you could have managed – with no tedious petty haggling. After all, you’re above all that Life of Brian stuff.

Another thing: you negotiate your package maybe once every two or three years when you move. Annually at best – and only then if you smash your targets.

We do this stuff every day. So we’re extremely good at it. And we have all the latest salary data and comparables at our fingertips.

And we can come up with creative compromises that keep both sides happy: basic salary, OTE, equity, title, recognition, car, healthcare, gym/spa membership, relocation, incentives, corporate entertainment and other perks. You name it.

We’ll get you a great deal. It’s in everyone’s interests to do so. But we won’t ruffle any feathers upstairs because our business depends on long-term professional relationships.

Maintaining this delicate balance on a daily basis makes us accomplished diplomats.

And it’s your accomplishments we want to discuss.