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Successful Executive Search In The USA

Oakstone International Executive Search successful executive search in the USA

At least 50 per cent of the roles Oakstone fills are based overseas – and America is a key market. That’s why we opened an office in the heart of San Francisco’s business district.

Silicon Valley’s exciting technology companies have a voracious appetite for expertise – be they established giants or the hottest new start-ups – and can be savage about acquiring it.

This incredible technology cluster enjoys its own business micro-climate. Chinos and polo shirt are de rigueur. Not the business suits of New York.

But the cultural differences run much deeper than that when it comes to recruitment…

Executive Search In Silicon Valley And California

Sunsoaked southern California might seem relaxed but don’t let that fool you. The pace in sales recruitment is faster. Much faster than in the UK (or some other parts of America).

The future superstars you need to hire will lose interest if you don’t close them within weeks. So you can forget the seven- to 12-week+ process common to the UK.

That’s because the Bay Area offers an endless stream of head-turning opportunities. There’s always an awesome ‘next big thing’ just over the horizon and fast approaching.

You must keep candidates excited or they will fast become fickle. That doesn’t stop once you have recruited them. They will be harder to retain.

There’s no stigma in job-hopping every 12-18 months in Silicon Valley. Right now the opportunities outnumber the people available.

And they know it.

Recruiting Sales Executives Across The Mid West and South

Silicon Valley might be a byword for cutting edge technology but it does not have the monopoly. There are plenty of exciting innovations being developed right across the USA.

Companies tend to drive growth by hiring sales executives in each of the major cities. It’s not like the UK where one executive in a young tech company may have responsibility for an entire country or continent.

But then US states tend to be larger geographically than most European countries. And each has its own recruitment characteristics.

Our sales consultants can tell you that after two decades working with clients throughout America.

Texans, for example, tend to be fiercely loyal to Texas. They want to work with fellow Texans.

And while Houston is America’s fourth largest city (by population), there’s still plenty happening in Dallas (ninth) and Austin (11th).

Wherever they’re based in Texas, local knowledge is everything. And so is a connection or recommendation from someone they know.

Texans value rock-solid credentials above all other things.

Securing Talented Executives In New York And The East Coast

You won’t be surprised to read that a city as iconic as New York has its own recruitment pulse.

Its smart suited executives could never be accused of shyness. They know precisely what they want – and they will tell you without hesitation.

That is extremely refreshing. We thrive on detailed and honest feedback from our clients and the targets they seek to hire.

Not everyone in the USA (or anywhere else in the world for that matter) is as open as East Coast executives in the recruitment process.

The average New Yorker will put their cards on the table and play their hand with aplomb.

Which is just how we like it.