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Are You Feeling Bored at Work?

Oakstone International executive search: Are you feeling bored at work?

There’s always something to do, right? – or is this something that your boss or manager says to you to make sure there’s no reason not to be busy.  The truth is, boredom doesn’t stem from not having anything to do it stems from not being stimulated by the things you are doing or having to do.

If you’ve been feeling bored within your work and career, you’re not alone.

"We know that 55 percent of all U.S. employees are not engaged at work. They are basically in a holding pattern. They feel like their capabilities aren't being tapped into and utilized and therefore, they really don't have a psychological connection to the organization," Curt W. Coffman, Global practice leader at the Gallup Organisation.

You may think you can work through the boredom and keep going each month in exchange for your salary however boredom is also one of the biggest contributors to work related stress, and up to 70% of all illness is related to stress.

Whether your work stimulation comes from enjoyment, learning, environment or workload if something isn’t quite there, boredom can soon take over.

How can you break out of work-related stress?

The first steps of breaking of out being bored is to find an environment where you are stimulated.  Whether this is by the people, by the role or by the work load.  This may involve moving positions or it may involve having a talk with your manager and re-vamping your current position.

-        Think about creative or target focused projects you have worked on in the past and have enjoyed. Who supported you in these projects and what motivated you to continue? Finding something you enjoy is the first starting point in not being bored – you need to be passionate.

-        Ask for a bigger challenge.  If you’re not feeling motivated because your work is to easy or you’re not finding it stimulating, you may need a more challenging task.  Ask your boss or manager for more work or a new project.  Asking will not only reduce your boredom but will also show initiative.

-        Ask to learn more.  Take the initiative to learn more within your position – it will provide you with career benefits as well as giving you something to focus on.

-        Look for your next step.  If you are working in an environment which you find unstimulating and you can see no way up, then it’s time to get out and look for your next challenge.  Finding a new role which will challenge you and utilise your skills can offer more than just a relief to boredom – but also encourage you to embrace a new situation with new opportunities. CONSIDER: On the other hand it may remind you that indeed the grass isn’t greener and re-vitalise your interest in your current role?

Our advice is to be proactive about being bored in the workplace. It’s up to you to stimulate yourself and use your initiative to make things happen.  If your current employer isn’t providing you with the tools to be proactive then it may be time to take initiative within your current company or open yourself up to new opportunities elsewhere.