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3 Things People Forget to do When Hiring

Oakstone International executive search: 3 things People Forget to do When Hiring

When companies hire for new talent they tend to cookie stamp the process – using the same method of hiring for every position. It’s important to realise that not every position can be hired for in the same way.  Why? because there are different criteria for every role and so the process should differ accordingly.

Hiring for any position should have some of the same aspects. Make sure you’re doing these with every hire…

1. Research your candidate beyond their CV

Not everything about your candidate is on their CV so do some research into them.  Look them up on social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Looking at social media channels can give you a great insight into what someone is like and whether you think they can fit into your culture. Use these channels to gain a brief picture of a person but try not to be overly judgemental.  Always google the people you interview too… it will bring up any articles they are included in – good and bad.  No digital footprint can often be an alarm bell but not everyone is on social media – check their current company website to see they are where they say they are.

2. Make notes during the interview process

A lot of interviewers forget to make notes during the interview process, but it is crucial if you are to remember important aspects of the interview and the person you are interviewing.  If you feel awkward or rude taking notes whilst the interviewee is talking have another person in the interview room to do it for you.  If you don’t like notes, record the interview so you can compare candidates at a later stage – this is even more helpful when you have interviews back to back, so you don’t get details about individuals confused.

3. Always look back at the job description

When choosing the right talent make sure you know what you’re looking for.   Create a scoring system based on the original job description for every interview so you know you are making the right decision based on skills, experience and cultural fit, this will also help minimise bias.  Also remember that not every aspect of your job description needs to be fulfilled in the person you hire – room for improvement enables you to offer learning and development as part of their package.

Taking these tips into account during your next hiring process will help you make the hiring process easier, but don’t forget that not every position requires the same recruitment model – readjust it according to the role.