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How to Improve Motivation

Oakstone International executive search: How to improve motivation

As a manager you are required to lead a person or a group of people – you are responsible for keeping them motivated and working hard for their own benefit and that of the company’s. What happens when they lose their motivation and the position isn’t attractive to them anymore?  Why have they lost motivation in the first place and is there something you can do about it? It is sometimes difficult to sympathise with those who aren’t working their hardest at all times, especially if they are working for you – not addressing the issue and ignoring obvious signs of motivation malaise won’t change if you don’t do something about it.

Everybody wants to feel motivated, enjoy work and be the best they can be. As a leader you should be able to understand and relate to that.

What can you do to help improve motivation?

  • Self- expression

Working in an office all day every day can be mundane.  It’s important to understand that not all work motivation starts at work.  Having a great work life balance will mean that people can express themselves in different ways in different environments, keeping things fresh and varied, increasing motivation in the workplace.

Offer more flexible working so that people don’t feel as though the office/workplace is a prison.

  • Vary the role

We aren’t machines, and therefore shouldn’t be treated like them – repetitive jobs don’t offer any motivation and employees can’t be expected to feel motivated when doing these jobs.  Vary people’s roles where possible and offer them the chance to experience new areas of the company by shadowing colleagues or offer them the chance to have learning integrated into their position.  This will allow them the chance to learn more about the company they work for and have the chance to grow and experiment in their own role. By knowing more about the company you work for you’re more likely to be motivated by the progress you make.  Encouraging team work in the form of team days is one of the greatest motivators, allowing people to pull together and be comfortable around one another. Does your workplace encourage interaction or are there limitations?

Think about how you’re structuring your work environment and if it doesn’t include teamwork think about how you can introduce it.

  • Purpose

Having a sense of purpose isn’t just about what you do for others or volunteering to help a cause.  Having a sense of purpose should be evident in what you do every day, therefore should be evident when employees are at work.  Feeling like you belong and what you are doing everyday needs to be fulfilling. Being a leader, it is your responsibility to show your team that what they’re doing benefits the company and its clients and their colleagues in some way. Offering praise or a ‘thank-you’ here are there can be enough but offering small incentives can really show a person that their work is appreciated.

Being a good leader is the key to keeping your team motivated – all the other ideas to boost motivation just support you and your leadership skills.

Your greatest task if to find ways to support and motivate your team that benefits them and therefore the company and it’s clients.