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3 Reasons Why You Should Stay in Contact With Your New Starter... Before They Start

You’ve found a sales superstar and make them an offer.  They’ve accepted and signed the contract.  Now you need to wait for them to see out their notice period at their current employer which is anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 months.

Its easy to go radio silent in that period – you think you’ve got them in and over the line but a lot can happen in that time.  Why should you keep in contact when you know they’re going to start with you?…

1. They need to experience your company before they start

It’s important for new starters to understand your company before they interview with you but it’s even more important after they have confirmed to work with you.  They need to feel part of your company even before they start. This will help strengthen their belief they have made the right choice to join you. Invite them on company events, functions and kick-offs to make sure they remain focused and bought in.  If they don’t feel like you care about them before their first day that day may never come and you will be back to square one to replace them! – especially if they have been counter offered or presented new opportunities from other firms who they may well be interviewing with in parallel with their meetings with you. Other companies will often go the extra mile when their favoured candidate tells them that accepted a role with their competitor…. Just because someone has signed a contract doesn’t mean you can stop caring and showing how much you want them – it’s all part of the on boarding process.

2. They are highly vulnerable to counter offers

If you’ve found a superstar who have said they’re going to join your company, the chances are their current employer doesn’t want to lose them.  From the time they accept your offer to when they start with you they’ll be subjected to numerous offers and counter offers which can sometimes be difficult to resist.  To avoid candidates accepting counter offers, keep in contact with them and reiterate how excited you are about them joining.  Get to know them well so you can address any doubt they may have over their notice period.

3. They’ll be approached with alternative roles

It’s not only counter offers that could jeopardise your new starter from starting.  Within the period before they start with you, your new starter could be approached with endless other offers and there is nothing stopping them from going along with the recruitment process. Don’t lose your new starters to other opportunities by staying radio silent – they’ll think you don’t really care about them starting.  Make them feel welcome before they have started by staying in contact – that way they’ll be more encouraged to stay excited about starting their new role with you.