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3 Ways To Avoid a Boring Interview

Oakstone International executive search: 3 Ways To Avoid a Boring Interview

Hiring is difficult, and when hiring Senior executives, the job can be even harder. Thinking outside the box and finding news ways to find or interview people will not only make hiring more fun but also provide you with new thought provoking questions to make sure you make the right hire.

Sometimes basic interviewing techniques can be dull and repetitive, causing you to ask the same questions repeatedly and sometimes getting the same answers over again. Try some of these techniques to avoid mundane interviewing.

Involve more than that hiring manager

When you work at a company you never just work with one person so why should only one-person opinions count towards the final hire?

Incorporate the team in the hiring process. Get some of the team involved in the interview process so they can make judgements for themselves and help you decide on who to hire.  It’s always powerful to have opinions from your team – this will also make them feel more part of the process and will let them know you trust them.  They might bring some opinions to the table which you haven’t yet thought of.

Be wary of everyone’s opinions though – too many cooks can spoil the broth.  Be sure to take their opinions on board but make the final hiring decision yours.

Search for new people

Waiting for people to come to you is a waiting game, which is going to cost you money and time.  Put your search in to the hands of an executive search professional or head-hunter so they can do all the hard work for you. Professional head-hunters and executive search consultants will find passive candidates and sell the opportunity to the right people with the right skills and experience, so you only interview well qualified people with the right skills and attitude.

Alternatively look for referrals from people in the company or look at previous people you have interviewed but not hired because it wasn’t the right time.

Using an executive search firm will save you time and money – read our blog on the cost of an open headcount.

Group events

Socialising outside of work is great for everyone involved in the company – it gives everyone a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level and build company culture.   If you’re hiring, make it a social occasion – get to know people together and see who stands out from the crowd. Having an initial group interview in a social environment will encourage people to be themselves and get to know their competition within the recruitment process: It’s a great way to start any interview process.

Of course, some companies will have a strict method of interviewing that sometimes isn’t as flexible as small companies.  The way of getting around these is to add in your own questions which will be thought provoking for not only the candidate but also you.