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Everyday Is a School Day: Are You Dedicated to Continuous Learning?

Oakstone International Executive Search everyday is a school day: are you dedicated to continuous learning?

Are you dedicated to continuous learning?- if not watch out!

There is a damaging and self-destructive misconception that most of our education and learning comes from school/ university. ‘Success at school will equal success in life?’  Why do we think this? There are plenty of successful people who don’t have any qualifications.  Education can happen anywhere, anytime and stem from anything. Learning is not something that has to be deliberate, but it is something that we must be open to in our everyday lives.

Scenario 1: A highly experienced sales person with great numbers. They take a new opportunity for an established brand, who already have a sales team doing extremely well.

They work hard using the experience they already have, but ignore all their new training and the advice given to them by other members of the team- believing they know better.

Subsequently they don’t make their number. They struggle, but still don’t change their approach.  They leave the position believing it’s the companies fault they haven’t succeeded.

Scenario 2: A sales person with limited experience. Takes on all the information and advice from the team, and is willing to learn and ask questions if needs be.  Within 9 months they have achieved their number.

Even with years of experience, and being at the top of your industry, relying on ‘talent’ and experience alone is not enough.  There is continuous change in most industries and so continuous learning is essential – to be even better than you were before.  There is always more to learn, and someone to learn from. Oakstone’s advice is to take advantage of any situation and learn from all mistakes – even when they aren’t yours.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself.” – Matthew Syed

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