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More Than Money Part 2

Oakstone International Executive Search more than money

Family? Flexibility? Location? Benefits?

There is much more to getting talent on board then money. Consider our last blog where we have emphasised on the culture of a company and the environment

Of course there are still many more factors. Consider below.

Family and flexibility

Everybody wants to spend more time with their family (well most people anyway), especially when they have young children.  Being a working parent for most people is now the norm, and its widely understood that spending all your time with your children is unlikely, however taking unnecessary time away from your family in the form of a commute, working away or over working may be too much for some.  Offering a potential opportunity to someone with a variety of benefits could enhance that opportunity tremendously.

Even if you don’t have children, spare time is precious.  Think about what is important to you and what would make you consider another opportunity.  Being an employer, you need to consider what is important to people and whether offering them something more flexible may benefit both parties in the long run. Flexible working and enabling people to have a healthy amount of time outside of work is attractive to most people, and making this an addition to their package may be the reason why somebody chooses you to work for.


As well as considering culture, relationships, transparency, progression and flexible working, you may want to consider even more factors that help your company stand out from the crowd. The obvious points are what most companies will think of, and it’s the points that are different which will make you stand out.

Most technology and SaaS companies are on top of great benefits, offering car allowances, bonuses and possibly shares as part of their standard packages. If your offering the same as another company, what makes you stand out?

Tailored company benefits could be the make or break into adding to the attractiveness of your company over someone else, and they don’t need to be big and expensive. Consider lunches, prizes for performance or even achievers trips. Flexible benefits chosen from a menu of options is currently rated as the greatest of options. What would you like as an added bonus to your package?

Whatever benefits you may consider, remember it’s often the small things that count.