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Planning Recruitment For The Year Ahead

Oakstone International Executive Search Planning recruitment for the year ahead

When is the right time to review your recruitment plans for the year ahead?  Yes – all the time.

Whether you have a team of 5, 10, 50 or 500 the chances are that 30% of them will not be with you in 12 months time. How many were with you 3.5 years ago?

So if you have only 5 people in your team you and have no growth, you still need to hire 2 people in the next year or so.

3 if it’s a team of 10 – with only a small amount of growth the chances are that you will be hiring at least 1 person each quarter and if things are going well it’s more likely to be 1 each month or 2.

All this means that if you are running or building a team you need to be engaged in the process of recruiting – are you doing this well?

Hiring 1 person will usually (should) mean:

  • Producing a comprehensive – and well thought through ‘Job Specification’ and ‘person profile’ which is usually neglected.

  • Working with your HR / Internal Recruiter / Recruitment Consultant to source candidates

  • Reviewing CV’s / Profiles

  • Arranging and conducting meetings: 1st – 2nd – 3rd/presentations

  • Producing offers


How much of your time does this take?

Spec: 1-2 hours (plus 3 hours procrastinating if you’re over doing it)

Sourcing Candidates?

4 first interviews – 6 hours??  Plus prep maybe 8 Hours

3 second interviews – 6 hours

2 Third interviews – 4 hours – often more

Create offer – deliver – discuss – 2 hours


If all goes like clockwork this will only take you about 20 hours – half a week.  Usually this takes more like double this time but we can all agree that it’s a significant investment of time

If you have one hire per 2 months it’s going to take you half a week – not bad, only 1/16th of your time. But 1 per month and it’s 1/8th. Then you have the on-boarding, Induction, the training, the hand-holding – your time is being drained.

This all sounds a little depressing but if you have the processes in place and the support structure it can of course be managed BUT – it needs to be planned and the time required to get it done and to ensure you hit your goals and targets does NEED planning.

The usual time frame from pressing the button on the recruitment process to the hire arriving in the office is circa 12 weeks, rarely less than 10 and often more than 14.

When do you start planning? When do you press the start button?

If you want people to start in Jan – you should have started in October.

The number 1 mistake hiring managers make is not starting early enough

Number 2 – underestimating the time to run the process

Number 3 – Not getting the hiring process correct

4 – allowing the process to take too long

5 – not getting the offers out fast enough and closing the person you want.

We all know the need to plan – so plan. If you would like any more information on planning your recruitment process please email

– Paul Rayner- CEO