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Who Has The Xfactor? Marketing Vs. Sales

Oakstone International Executive Search who has the xfactor? marketing vs. sales

When we look closely at the relationship between Sales and Marketing Teams, often there is a sense of rivalry between the two departments. Both teams are targeted at creating new leads for the business. When the end result is to create success, the two teams need to communicate well to increase this.

Sales and Marketing leaders understand the importance of bridging this gap between the two teams, it is is a vital ingredient for creating the best working relationships and to maintain consistent communication for maximum business success.

As I continue to work on more assignments where I am contacting the top 5% of talented Software Sales professionals, I am continually questioned over the success of the marketing team, there seems to be now more than ever a growing importance for interaction and relationships between the Marketing and Sales Teams.

We network daily with high profile top talented Sales professionals, typically working within a fast paced SaaS environment. We help our clients to identify the best Sales Talent in the market, which requires us to understand what makes this Sales person successful.  More often than not, the top achievers have the support from a marketing strategy that is focused on specifically targeted campaigns.

Teams collaborate with each other to reach their goals by aligning various marketing approaches and sales techniques to attract new clients. Many Sales teams relate to marketing and rely on marketing skills to broaden their horizons and increase potential for an ongoing pipeline of leads, smaller businesses that have not invested in marketing, rely on the sales person to be a self-sufficient influencer to create leads for themselves.There are many marketing methods that can be used to create leads for software businesses. Experienced Marketing leaders know what does work and what doesn’t, they know who to target and the messaging they need to use; for capturing the customer’s attention and to educate the market to ensure they can deliver the right information to the right people in the right place at the right time.

Marketing automation software (MAS) companies such as Eloqua or Marketo, help businesses to remove communication barriers and reduce any conflict between sales and marketing teams.

We have been fundamental in the growth of the Eloqua team, helping expand the team from 7 to 45 people across Europe. During the time working with Eloqua we got to know the benefits of their marketing tool. It’s a very accurate measurement of identifying what marketing campaigns are successful and ensuring the sales team receives high quality leads and information, rather than unqualified prospects – Eloqua have the specific tools to assist sales team in turning those important leads into actual revenue; “Revenue Performance Management”.

Marketing professionals play an influential role in the early stages of the sales process. They discuss plans with the sales teams and work with sales to help them achieve company aims and objectives. The Sales people are the new business closers; they know when to act and reach out to potential customers and build relationships to understand their clients’ requirements.

Who do you think has the X Factor, the Sales team or the Marketing teams? I know for sure that one team could not work as effectively without the other.