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Why Are Young People So Anti-Brexit?

Oakstone International Executive Search why are young people so anti-brexit

Over a year on from the June 2016 referendum and Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, there are many arguments and pros and cons for leaving or remaining. Read some of them here.

BUT – many of the younger people I talk to are still concerned, above all about 2 main issues that I really think they should not be worried about:

  • Free movement of people

  • How will Britain cope without the casual labour for our farms and coffee shops, to clean our offices and work in our hospitals


These points are in some respects very similar but I am frustrated that they are seen as an issue as it relates to how people are being restricted.

As a youngster with an adventurous, internationally focussed and multilingual Dad, we spent most summer holidays being shoehorned into the back of what today would be called a small family saloon and driven off to France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Germany, Holland…….

The passport checks at boarders were little more than the stops we have to make these days when pausing at toll booths, and more often than not, the boarder control would be simply waiving us through.

Today, I have little doubt that the process will be as simply as going on-line, applying for a Euro Visa and having to fill out a form, download an app and be prepared to show it at boarders – probably before we know it that will be automatically approved by sensors at boarder control the same way as auto tolls work.

(this works perfectly well when travelling to the US using the ESTA Visa waiver programme)

As for Casual labour, again, I’m sure those firms and companies who want to offer work to people from other Countries will simply apply for the number of people they need – workers will then apply on-line for work in these firms and be granted permission to work for the period of time required.

We are “a market” and if people are needed and people want to work – it will be simple to ensure both parties are brought together – And – it will be organised in a manageable and measurable way.

This will work just fine!!!

I will leave you to fight and debate about the other long list of issues which of course are very real – I believe however, that if we focus on it and invest energy and ingenuity which we Brits are so good at –  we will work it out for the best!!

Paul Rayner- CEO