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4 Ways To Manage Stress

oakstone international executive search 4 ways to manage stress

Stress is the biggest cause of health problems in the workplace, often due to pressure or harassment in the workplace.

What causes stress at work?

  • Long hours and shift work

  • Lack of control or insecurity

  • Lack of job satisfaction, boredom or isolation

  • Bad relationships

  • Problems with your work environment

  • Low pay

Many of us have experienced stress at work in some way or another, however there are steps you can take towards effectively managing your stress levels.

1.       Accept stress

Stress is not always a bad thing! Assess your stress levels before making any drastic decisions. If your stress levels are too high and are making you depressed or down then it’s time to make some changes, however if you find your stress levels are manageable, then it’s probably a positive addition to your work.

2.       Make the most of your time outside of work

Even if you have very minimal time outside of work there are things you can do to make the most of it and boost your mood whilst doing it.  Get moving! You may not feel like doing anything after a long day at work, but exercise has been proven increase energy levels, boost mood, help with brain health and help with relaxation and sleep.  If you’re short on time a 10-minute brisk walk is enough.

Plan your spare time as much as you would your time at work, this way you’ll get the most out of it and do everything you need and want to do – relieving the stress of always thinking you’re at work.

3.       Communicate

If you’re experiencing too much stress, it’s time to talk to someone about the way you feel.  Talk about the issues with your manager so they can assist you to resolve them and help you take the steps to make your workplace happier and less stressful.   

4.       Look for new opportunities

If you’ve tried everything you can to reduce your stress levels at work and its not working, it could be time to look for a new opportunity!  Connect with a few great recruiters and let them know you are open to new opportunities – this way they can keep you in mind when working on specific roles.