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A Team That Fits

oakstone international executive search a team that fits

Everyone in your team is different (or they most definitely should be).  They all bring different things to the table and they all do different things with their time inside and outside of work.

So why do you treat them all the same and expect them all to work the same way and still produce fantastic results?

Corporate cultures often don’t notice individuality when it comes to employees, however this is all starting to change – and if you want to stay ahead of the times, it’s time to adapt to a more individual approach and understand that one company can have multiple internal cultures.

People want to feel a sense of belonging, feel appreciated and want to make a difference, and as a leader, it’s up to you to encourage people to feel and do all of these things.

Noticing people’s strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes is difficult but by investing a small amount of time to get to know your team you can work towards creating more tailored workplace satisfaction.  Do you know everyone in your team on a personal and professional level?

Does one person in your team get distracted by the office noise? – let them work from home a few days a week.

Does another person study business management in their spare time? – invite them to a manager’s meeting.

There are always things you can so to assist your team to make their work more enjoyable by tailoring their role around their needs.  

To successfully implement a transcultural business, it all starts with the leadership and adaptation of people’s roles but more importantly the realisation that not everyone works the same.

Take the time to understand and ask what people want from your company short and long term.  Consider that not every aspect of one role will fit another person in the same role.

If you expect an individual to come into a uniform culture they won’t stay individual for very long.