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5 Ways To Stand Out

Oakstone International executive search: 5 ways to stand out

We’ve discussed unique selling points before however finding new roles and actively looking for new roles is getting progressively harder.

Finding talent that stands out with all the right experience, skills and personality is harder than ever, so what’s going to make you stand out?

You have a good degree, your sales targets have been over achieved for the past few years, your personality is great… so how do you rise above the three other people who are also being considered for the position?  Sometimes there needs to be more than what you can put down on paper and onto your CV to make you stand out.

So how can you stand out?

1.      Target and research

Really research the company you want to work for, establish why you want to work for them and what value you can bring to the company as well as what value the company can give to you.  Working these questions out right from the beginning will enable you to work hard towards getting the position.

2.      Create relationships

Whenever you meet someone, whether its for a new role or not, it is an opportunity to create an addition to your network. Some people may not be able to assist you now, but they may in the future.  Never underestimate the value of anyone and make the most of every situation.

3.      Be confident and understand your value

When you come to look for a new position you need to know your value and the value you can bring to a new company. Reflect on your achievements and don’t be afraid to voice them.

4.      Understand the value of keywords

When recruitment firms or executive search firms search for talent they tend to use keywords to headhunt great talent.  These sometimes include job titles, skills, experience or even target companies that people may have previously or currently worked at. By understanding the value of keywords and optimising your LinkedIn profile and other supporting documents with the right keywords you are opening yourself up to further opportunities.  To find the right keywords start to look at job postings from certain companies and use some of the words they use – these don’t have to be one word but could be a series or a sentence.

5.      Maximise your job search

If you’re searching for an excellent opportunity through traditional channels you are limiting yourself.  Yes great opportunities can present themselves on job boards however by only looking for opportunities through these channels is not enough. Most great opportunities are found through networking and through executive search companies.  Creating great relationships can assist with this – not only with hiring managers, but with recruiters, colleagues and C-level executives.

Build relationships with good recruiters and they will help you with your career over the years