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Is Money Everything?

Oakstone International executive search: is money everything?

Here at Oakstone we work hard to find the best people for our clients, but we also work hard to make sure people are getting the right packages when they accept a career move, negotiating every aspect of what they want and need to make sure they are satisfied with their new move and all the benefits that come with it.

When we refer to ‘package’, we don’t just mean the salary.  Yes, money is important - we need it to live comfortably however it’s not everything! When we discuss package with people their first thought is always money – however when considering a new role, you need to make sure you’re getting a better overall career and working life balance than your existing one, which means considering every aspect of the package in the proportions that are most important to you.

What aspects do you need to consider?

1.      Work/life balance

People often overlook the work life balance when taking on new opportunities, underestimating the impact the role will have on them and their time.  It’s not only working hours you need to consider but the impact the role will have on your home life and whether it will warrant you working outside of work hours or even at the weekend if necessary.  When considering new opportunities or negotiating a role make sure you know all aspects of the role, so you can make an informed prediction of how it will affect your work life balance.  The value of a great work life balance can offer more benefit to you than slightly more in your pay packet every month. Ask the right questions and really get to know the company you could be potentially working for to get a good idea of what impact the role will have on your life.

2.      Company Culture and People

When presented with a new opportunity or looking for a new one never overlook the company culture and the people in the business.  Not only will these aspects affect your day to day position but also add a new dimension to the role which no amount of money can compensate for.

3.      Career Prospects and Earning Opportunity

A role should be more attractive if it has higher earning opportunities or career prospects compared to roles with higher base salaries and smaller earning opportunities however some people overlook this.  Before taking or considering a role ensure you know the numbers and don’t be persuaded by a role with a high base salary and little earning potential or you could be preventing yourself from being the best you can be.

4.      Leadership

Leadership or mentorship is an often overlooked variable considered when looking for a new position or opportunity, however it is one of the most important aspects to any role.  If you’re not learning, you’re falling behind so make sure you have someone to teach you in any role.  A good mentor can be the most important part of any role and should be a major consideration before accepting a new role.

5.      Benefits

There are lots of other perks to roles which need to be considered outside of money including health care, pensions, bonus’, team activities or car allowance, and you need to consider how valuable these are to you regardless of the package you are looking for or you’re being offered.

Everyone wants the best opportunities and packages in a career however the impact of focusing on just the salary can be detrimental.  It could lead to you missing out on great perks which can add more value to your everyday life than you might ever know.

What value can you put on these things?