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Time Is More Valuable Than Money

Oakstone International executive search time is more valuable than money

Guest Blog by Josie Cozins

We all spend time thinking about how we can earn more money, how to become more successful, setting ourselves goals for a new house or car. 

When we spend time thinking about how to earn more money do we ever factor time into our thoughts?

Time is Important – It is your friend not your enemy:  Every human being on the planet has the same amount of hours in each and every single day of their lives.  It is about how we as individual decide to spend our time which allows some people to have ‘more time’ than others and to be more successful. 

Planning your time daily will enable you to spend your time on the most valuable of tasks rather than the less important ones, if you get this right you will manage your time and in turn be more successful.

If you can learn daily techniques to help you manage your time then I believe your day will be easier, you will get things done quicker than you thought possible, and you will actually discover that you have more time that you ever realised.

Techniques that can help include:
- Starting your day by identifying everything you need to get done (to be most productive, plan your day the night before), set out a plan and have it in front of you – put your tasks in priority order.

- Realise that some tasks don’t need to be finished on the same day they are started – it is OK to start a task on one day and finish on another – the important thing is that you have started it!

- Understand your deadlines and if you are unsure ask for clarification.

- Make sure that during the day you take a break, set a specific amount of time, move away from your desk and ideally get some fresh air – you will feel so much better on your return!

- When are you most productive?  Some of us are great in the morning whilst others get a second wind after lunch, if you know you have a challenging task plan to get this completed during your most productive period that works for you.

- If you are able to delegate tasks to other members of your team this will multiply your efforts and get more work completed. If you decide to delegate make sure you find the right person with the correct skills to help, be clear in your instruction and set a clear deadline to ensure this doesn’t cost you time in the long run.

- Stay focussed – it can take up to 23 minutes to regain concentration after being distracted from a task.  Switch off notifications on your phone and email, use “Do Not Disturb” and move away from distractions if needed.

Remember - Adopting great time management skills in your life isn’t about squeezing as many tasks as you can into your day. It’s about stripping down how you work, getting things done more effectively, and doing things better. By doing so I guarantee you will feel as though you have MORE time and get much more done!

Don’t try to work hard, invest in working smarter.