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We'll All Be Marketers In The Future...

Oakstone International executive search we’ll all be marketers in the future

Research shows that as many as 60% of open roles are unadvertised, meaning you won’t find them on job boards, and you won’t be able to apply for them directly. So how do you find out about these roles and how can you be put forward for them?

Roles that are advertised often attract hundreds of applicants – however a large number of these applicants won’t have the right qualifications, experience or skills and they will be people trying their luck or people who fancied the salary being advertised.  To save time, money and man hours companies are looking for alternative ways to find the best talent for their open roles. Think head hunters, referrals and direct applications for unadvertised positions.

It’s up to you to become a marketer for yourself – showcase your skills and experience so the best opportunities become available to you – so they find you!.

How to become a marketer for yourself…

Social Media

Head hunters utilise platforms such as LinkedIn to look for talent who have the right skills, experience and qualifications for roles they are working on.  It is up to you to keep your profile up to date and as detailed as possible.  If your profile isn’t as up to date and as detailed as possible, head hunters and executive recruiters will be reluctant to contact you and many of the best opportunities may pass you by. 

Spend time on your profile and ask for referrals on your profile from senior members of your team or previous colleagues and managers – not only will these make your profile more complete, but they will also make it more reputable and informative for executive recruiters.  Make sure your contact details are up to date too – executive recruiters will want to speak to you in person to qualify you so make it easier for them to get in contact.  Keep your profile public and set your status to ‘open to new opportunities’ under settings on LinkedIn when you are open to ideas.

Employee Networks

Referrals are a new way of finding great talent without the time exhaustion – and employers are utilising it for internal recruitment. 

Not only is a referral faster to hire than a traditional candidate but they are cheaper to hire, have higher tenure and encourage the referee to stay at the company longer.

Market yourself to friends and family with what you do professionally and openly talk about some of the skills you have – you never know when a great opportunity may arise in one of the companies they work for.

Take some time, and never underestimate the value of networking.  By having the right contacts who you trust and who know you well means you will never be second in line for a referral.

Contact employers directly

Making the effort to contact the right companies that appeal to you just might pay off.  Don’t send the same letter to every company though – tailor your letter to the hiring manager of an organisation and market your skills and experience - you might just land you the position you want.  Research the right person to contact using LinkedIn and company websites and address the letter to them rather than only targeting HR.

Use your CV – your best marketing material, but don’t forget the cover letter.  A cover letter is the best thing you can give to a perspective employer – it shows you have put the effort to explain why you are wanting to work at the company in a specific role.

Follow these simple steps and you will be well on your way to being the perfect marketer of yourself.