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What Should Your Company Ask Itself?

Oakstone International executive search: What Should Your Company Ask Itself?

Before anyone embarks on interviewing someone they create a set of questions which will give insights into whether someone is right for a position. But don’t start dreaming up tough interview questions until you can answer a few yourself…

1.      Why would someone want to work for you?

It’s probably not something which you ask yourself on a regular basis but it’s something you should ask yourself everyday.

These applicants aren’t your run of the mill agency database people – they’re top draw front runners from a very strong short list (or so they should be).

If you can’t think of some great reasons why someone should want to work for you, you need to go back to the drawing board.

It’s a candidate driven market and some of the best companies are fighting for top talent – you can only stand out if you know what makes you appear the best.

2.      What makes your company culture attractive?

Think you can skip this question because you successfully answered the last? – you’re wrong.

Throwing money at sales superstars may not keep them around for long.  People are looking for more than money – you need to impress these people, they are not mere applicants. By showing off your company culture and the people in it you can really show off what a great company you are to work for and how much you can offer than just money,

3.      How strong are your competitors? How do you beat them?

Sales stars need to know the potential of your company, the earning potential and all aspects of the company.  How do you deal with difficult situations? – How much do your current sales superstars earn?

 This has to be a major reason why someone wants to join you over joining someone else.

4.      Who will be this candidates’ mentor?

People don’t just need managers, they need leaders. Being inspired and learning is the only way to get the best out of your team – no matter how skilled and experienced they are.

Senior people demand superb mentors, so make sure they have one when they join the company.

5.      What is your recruitment process?

Everyone who embarks on hiring should have a recruitment plan. Even the largest global players can sometimes fail when it comes to planning, however multiple interviews should be planned and executed with seamless precision.

Without knowing your recruitment process, you will lose great candidates along with your hard-earned company credibility.

Be prepared when conducting interviews.  Why would anyone want to work for you if you don’t know the reasons why someone would want to work for you.

6.      Have we structured a strong on-boarding process ?

The number one reason people join a company and leave within the first 3 months is poorly handled on-boarding.