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Which Recruitment Firm Is Best For My Company?

oakstone international executive search what recruitment firm is best for my company

When choosing a recruitment or executive search firm to work with it’s important to consider a variety of criteria.  Choosing a partner is just as important as choosing the right people for your company.

What industry are you in?

There are hundreds of experts in recruitment and executive search but when narrowing down companies to work with consider their experience in your industry.  Someone who is an expert in hiring for retail won’t have the same network as someone who works in software.  Choose to work with a company who are best equipped to talk your language and understand what you’re looking for.  An expert in hiring in one specific industry will have more industry knowledge, bigger networks and understand the qualifications and experience needed to make them more successful in your role.

What level of people are you looking for?

Recruitment agencies and executive search firms are very different from one another.  Recruitment agencies tend to focus on active candidates and tend to hire for lower level positions, whereas executive search firms focus on headhunting passive candidates who are the right fit for a position.

What’s the cost of your open head count?

Open headcounts are expensive especially when their targets are high.  If you need a recruitment partner that is going to work quickly choose wisely.  If you’re in need of someone new, quickly your best route is to have a retained agreement with your recruitment partner.

Where do you need to hire people?

Always think ahead when choosing a recruitment partner.  You might need to hire someone in the UK at the moment, but will you need to hire someone else in another country in the near future? If so, choose a recruitment partner that have international reach and that has experience working in multiple locations.

How many people do you need to hire?

If your expanding into a region or are looking to rapidly expand it’s important to have a recruitment partner which understands your needs and can make you a priority. Discuss your needs with your recruitment partner thoroughly so you can arrange the right agreement to get the amount of people, with the right calibre, you need on board.

If you would like any more information on choosing a recruitment partner, please get in touch.