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Get to Know the Oakstone Team: Jodie Webster

oakstone international executive search jodie webster

Meet Oakstone Recruitment Consultant, Jodie Webster

Why did you join Oakstone?
Firstly, because of Paul. Secondly, for a career.

How long have you been at Oakstone?
Approaching 3 years.

What’s the best thing about the management?
Open door policy; everyone supports and challenges one another.

What’s the worst thing about the management?
Roping me into sweepstakes! Although, I have won a few so far…

Describe the culture at Oakstone
Unique, work hard-play hard.

What do you do in your spare time?
Socialise, eat (a lot!), Zumba, anything active, scour charity shops.

What makes you laugh?
Epic fails!

What makes you angry?
All the evil in this world.

What frustrates you?
Fake or pretentious people.

What’s your greatest strength?
Helping people. If I’m allowed two then the second would be finding bargains!

What your weakness?
Relaxing and my constant desire to escape reality.