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Time Kills All Deals: Part 1

Time is not just money – it’s far more important than that. It will kill all deals eventually.

The unrelenting march of passing minutes is not merely costs bleeding out of your company coffers.

It’s lost opportunities. Lost profits tomorrow because somebody missed the boat today. Lost market dominance because you gave your competitors breathing space.

Why do so many companies still take their foot off the gas when it comes to recruiting key executives essential for growth?

And not just corporates tangled up in red tape – small tech startups that usually thrive on speed can also be slow off the mark when headhunting.

Don’t let your company be a victim of delays. Beware these all too familiar scenarios…

Headcount Holdups

You’re building a new killer app. You get your budget approved for three new hires. So you call in an executive search company.

It goes all out to deliver a great shortlist but you delay deciding for a few days here and there…‘just to be sure’… ‘just for belt-and-braces sign-off’…it can’t hurt, can it?

It can and it will.

All those days add up. Suddenly you’re behind on your hires. And progress is slower than you had hoped. So your next quarter profits are lower. Then you don’t need three people – now you need only one or two.

There it is. Lost opportunities. Because somebody delayed.

Inter-Departmental Squabbles

You need 20 people over the next two quarters. Five for each of four departments.

But one senior manager is quick off the mark, gets his five and needs a further two extra people for his department. So two other teams must each lose one potential new hire. Or one team has to lose two hires.

And it all gets very territorial. A time-consuming turf war ensues. As above, these delays will cost you candidates, opportunities and profits.

You’re Hiring…But Then Your Hiring Manager Leaves

This is a nightmare logjam because you can’t hire key people until the position above them is filled.

We don’t have to tell you the impact this will have on your company’s growth plans. You know the drill.

Sounds unlikely? You would be surprised how often this occurs.

Mergers & Acquisitions & Delays (M&A&D)

Tech start-ups are stunningly attractive acquisition targets. The sector is a hotbed of M&A activity.

So far so good. Big global players acquire tech-sexy start-ups with the promise of lots of lucre to fuel their growth and bankroll their world domination plans.

But in reality the hiring grinds to a halt in a series of delays.

The start-up gets assimilated into the corporate mass. Encircled by its pseudopodia and swallowed up. Engulfed.

All the lynchpin innovators from the start-up get a shiny new namebadge on a neat new lanyard. All the others…well…

So all that impending hiring you read about in the press release? It never happened.

Chalk it up to mergers and acquisitions and delays. M&A&D.

Save Time, Secure The Right People, Seize The Opportunities

Saving time is critical to ensure you get the right people…before your competitors snap them up.

And for that you need a company that has spent plenty of time – at least 20 years – in the frontline of global executive search.