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Recruiting The 'Best' People

Oakstone International Executive Search recruiting the best people

Everyone wants to build a team with the ‘best’ people – which is of course not possible –

Usain Bolt was the best until last week – as was Mo Farrah but life moves on – so does business.

Whilst it’s admirable to want to build a team consisting of all the best people this is only achievable in the world of ‘Fantasy Teams” – even then everyone will have their own view of what constitutes “the best”.

So what can you do when aiming to build the best team in the real world?

I have used the phrase for many years that when it comes to attracting Talent – we can ensure you have the choice of “the best people you can attract” meaning that we can source and educate the people – we can’t do the impossible and ensure that a tier one person will leave company A to go to company B – that will come down to a variety of criteria which will often be unique to each candidate.

So what’s the answer?

  • Understanding your strengths and limitations and being realistic

“The key to success is not perfection. It is making peace with the phrase GOOD ENOUGH and moving on.”

Good enough is so difficult for most of us to accept BUT getting the job done is better than getting it perfect – perfect probably won’t get done and would certainly show little or no ROI.

We all know people who are not “as good as others” but who are much more successful – the sales people who don’t do all their admin properly, the golfer whose swing isn’t the way ‘it should be’ the soccer striker who isn’t a team player but scores the goals – “it’s not fair” – well folks, get used to it – life isn’t always fair.

Now those of you who know me will say “hold on, this doesn’t sound like the Paul Rayner I know” he’s a perfectionist who always goes the extra mile to get the job done” well yes I do, as do my team – that doesn’t mean we can work miracles – we do an awesome job and help companies build high performing teams – I’m sorry to say however that we cannot perform the impossible.

We can help you build the best teams you can – we can’t promise to enable you to hire THE 20/50/100 BEST people in the industry- no one company can do that.

Hire the best you can attract – get them on board, motivate them, support them and make sure they are getting the job done – Done is Better than Perfect. being perfect is not important, but getting the job done matters.

“Time and tide wait for no man.” –Geoffrey Chaucer