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6 Ways to Judge Whether the Role is Right for you

Oakstone International executive search: ways to judge whether a role is right for you

Is the role right for you? Some of the issues I am pointing out here are obvious to all BUT it is our experience that many people overlook the obvious when presented with a shiny new and exciting opportunity – make sure you remember to focus on the basics too:

When being approached by a specialist recruiter you need to assess whether the job it right for you.  Here are some questions to help you qualify the role….

Is the package, right?

What package would the company be offering you? – I’m not talking about salary, that’s a completely separate thing to think about.  By package we mean benefits/ perks/ extras. Are you getting what you really deserve and warrant? Some tech and software companies are now offering interesting and innovative packages with new perks that other companies don’t have.  Make sure you’re getting the right benefits which meet your requirements and needs.

Is the role in line with your career path?

Does the role make sense in terms of career progression and growth and align with your long-term goals? Unless you are looking for a career change you don’t want to make too many moves – make sure you can justify them to future employers. Does the next move mean your making a stepping stone to the next level – does it give you more opportunity and progression?  Also think about the step after this one – will this move allow you to make your next one?

Work life balance

Work life balance means different things to different people.  If you’re happy working all hours of the day Monday – Friday and like to have your weekends off, then make sure your hours coincide with this.  If you need more hours outside of work, make sure this is written into your contract.  Make sure the working hours are right for you.

As well as working hours consider your commute and how you’re going to get to the office.  If it takes an hour to get there everyday this is going to also cut into your free time.

Values and culture.

Assessing whether the company is right for you in terms of values and culture should never be overlooked.  If it isn’t right you’re going to want to leave as soon as possible. Research the company extensively to get to know them inside out and learn what they stand for.  If the values and culture aren’t for you – run a mile.

The people

You’re going to be surrounded by the people every single moment you’re at the office.   Meet the people before you start by asking to meet them (or some of them) – this will also give you an insight into the culture and the dynamic of the office. Assess whether you like the people including the hiring manager and evaluate whether you can see yourself working with them – and respecting them in the mid-term at least.

The ‘candidate experience’

The candidate experience is something you should be assessing right from the beginning of your process with the company. The way a company treats its candidates (YOU) is a reflection of how to the company treats its employees and how you will be treated once you accept a position (if you get this far).  The candidate experience should be similar to a client experience – you should be treated with respect and kept in the loop at all times.

By assessing all this criteria before accepting a job you can ensure you are making the right decision.