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The Imaginary Talent Shortage

Oakstone International executive search: the imaginary talent shortage

The current talent shortage has been a concern for hiring managers all over the world.  Its used to blame the difficulty of finding the right talent for open roles and the overall slowing of the recruitment process – making the open headcount as well as the recruitment process more expensive.

The truth is that there is no talent shortage…

It’s shocking isn’t it? How do we explain the increase in time it takes to hire people and the difficulty in finding the right person?  Nothing has changed but our investment into training has got bigger so how could a talent shortage possibly be possible?

The blame has stemmed from internal and sometimes external recruitment processes and the reduced number of active candidates, tricking recruitment managers and companies into thinking there is a talent shortage, when really there is only a decline in active candidates.

Why is there a reduce number of active candidates?

Great people are more likely to be targeted by head-hunters and executive search firms and presented opportunities meaning that they don’t need to actively look for positions because they’re either not in the market to be looking or they are being presented great opportunities without having to do the leg work.

The reduced number of people actively looking for new positions could lead us to believe there is a lack of talent all together.

How can you overcome your perceived talent shortage?

To overcome your perceived talent shortage, you need to think outside the box when it comes to recruitment and target more than active candidates.  You can’t rely on people to come to you when trying to attract great talent – you need to be proactive.  How are you going to target passive candidates? Headhunting the right talent is a good place to start however without the right methodology and process, your chances of success are very much the same as only targeting active candidates. To establish the right recruitment method for your executive search its essential you talk experts and work with people who know what they are doing.


Investing into your recruitment process and search will not only save you time and money but also increase your chances of finding someone for the role with the right skills and experience that you require.  By using an executive search firm, you can ensure that the right targeting techniques are being used to talk to the right people, leading you a step closer to finding the person who fits the role and the company.