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What Is The Importance of Appearance?

Oakstone International executive search: What is the importance of appearance?

Have you ever walked into a supermarket and been tempted to buy something just because its packaged nicely?  Which of the below would you rather buy?….

Even when products are the same we tend to lean towards the better packaged option because we automatically think its better.  But is it better or does it just look better?


Like it or not the same initial judgements happen in an interview.

If you interviewed 2 candidates of the same skills and experience, who both culturally fit the company and one turns up well dressed and the other turns up in tatty jeans and a T shirt who would you be likely to hire?  Who looks like they care more? who looks like they want the role more? and which one will represent your company best?

Initial perceptions of people work in exactly the same way as products. When businesses interview candidates the first impression is usually the impression that sticks.

Before you say a single word in an interview you are being judged through body language and appearance – what you’re wearing, whether you’ve brushed your hair, have appropriate and well kept shoes and whether you are stood up straight are all things people notice and could be the difference between being offered a role or not.

The importance of appearance in an interview or in any professional situations is vital if you want to make a good impression as it shows the extent of your efforts as well as showing how much you care about the situation.  A hiring manager is not going to hire you if it doesn’t look like you want the position.

The company doesn’t warrant a suit

New ‘trendy’, typically tech companies are working towards having a much more relaxed view on clothing in the workplace and this is great, however this should only be adopted when you have the position.  For interviews at more relaxed companies its still a good idea to dress smarter than you would on an average day to reflect that you have taken some time in preparing for the interview and that you care about how you come across.

Our advice is to always dress to impress in a business environment (which doesn’t always mean a shirt and tie) – especially when you need to make an impression.