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Why You Should Hire Ex-Pats

Oakstone International executive search: Why You Should Hire Ex-Pats

Oakstone are experts in assisting tech companies that want to expand into different global regions.  We have been working on technology-based sales roles all over the world hiring a mixture of native and ex-pat talent.  What have we learnt? Ex-Pats are a great investment…

1. Ex-Pats have different points of view and culture

Travelling, in any capacity, provides people with different points of view and gives people an understanding of different cultures.  It’s the same when people move countries to work.  They have to adapt and learn a different way of living – adapting to the culture and the people.

Studies also suggest that working overseas makes people more creative and motivated, and also concluded that experiencing new cultures forces you to think differently and consider new ideas – increasing your ‘cognitive flexibility’ (Academy of Management Journal).

This mind set will bring something new to your business, and in addition will benefit your company culture.

2. They bring a new set of skills to the table

Hiring an Ex-pat will bring a new set of skills to the company which you may not be expecting.  One of our consultants has recently been working on roles in Japan and has found that better performing sales people were actually European – why? Their sales style is more direct than most people in Asia and is proving to pay dividends.

This, of course, doesn’t apply to all cultures however mixing different styles of working together will ensure company diversity and provide cultural diversity for everyone within the company.

3. More talent

When you’re open to speaking to Ex-Pats you open yourself up to more talent rather than limiting yourself to local talent – which, in some circumstance are in very short supply.  Calling upon people who already have the knowledge of your company, your mission and your values can add value as this knowledge can be applied to different regions you’re expanding into.