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You're Qualified For The Role... Is The Role Qualified For You?

Oakstone International executive search: You're Qualified For The Role... Is The Role Qualified For You?

We have talked many times about the hiring process being a two-way street.  Hiring managers often think they have the upper hand and it is up to them to do all the qualifying of the candidates, finding out what the candidate can do for their company and whether they are the right fit.

As the candidate, you should of course also do this.  Don’t be seduced by a position which offers you a little more money or a company car – qualify the position on whether it’s good for you.  Is it genuinely a good career move?  Ask yourself these questions…

Who will be your mentor and what can you learn?

If you’re not constantly learning you’re falling behind.  You may be highly skilled and qualified, but you need to have guidance and someone to learn from.  Who will you be learning from in your new role and how will you develop? Make a list of things you want to learn and who will help you learn them.  If you are struggling to identify a mentor in a new company you could be setting yourself up for failure.

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What are your long terms goals?

An increase in salary may be attractive but think about what you want for the future.  Is it a good career move? What do you want from a new position and does it present a great opportunity rather than extra pounds? The move doesn’t HAVE to be long term but it has to coincide with your long term goals. If the role does not offer a natural stepping stone in your career path you may want to think twice about taking it.  Big jumps or career changes can derail your progression in any industry so think about whether the role offers natural progression from your current role and will it lead to other roles in the future.

Is the grass really greener?

Base salaries in a sales job don’t really mean anything, in fact hiring managers have been known to keep bases lower to attract smarter and more confident sales people who are encouraged by what they can earn rather than what they can be given as a base.  Read our blog about ‘lowest earners are often the highest’.  Moving jobs for a £20K pay rise may result in you only being able to earn £100k commission rather than £600k.  Look at the opportunities and the company, are they continually growing or are they a dead end?

Do you fit the company culture?

Get to know the hiring manager during your interviews and see whether you can see yourself working with them.  The company you’re interviewing will be thinking about whether you fit in with their culture but its just as important for you to make the decision as well.

What are your thoughts?