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Why You Shouldn't Wait To Review Employees

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The annual review is something every business has, and if its not annual it’s quarterly.  Have you ever asked why you conduct these scheduled reviews or analysed how beneficial they actually are? Do you only conduct the reviews because other businesses do or do they actually provide you with valuable information?

Abolish the schedule

Reviews and feedback should be given to everyone all the time – whenever you have something to say whether its constructive or positive your employees need to hear it.  If you’re not constantly giving feedback to your employees, then you are failing as a leader.

Having a scheduled time to review your employee’s is out of date, and unless you’re keeping a constant list of everything an individual does over a 3-12 month period it’s unlikely you’re covering everything worthwhile in your meetings.

The truth is that employees want more feedback, so they can learn and progress. It is your job as a leader to mentor and inspire your employees to do better – and they can’t do this without constant guidance, feedback, constructive critique and training as necessary.  People want authentic effort from their managers to show that they care about their wellbeing, progression and improvement and they value your input.

A review should be a two-way street on how you think your employee is doing and how the employee thinks the company is doing (and  maybe you too).  It should be constant and occur throughout the year so necessary changes can be made to improve and progress. You need to take your employees opinions on board as they know the ins and outs of it better than your clients and customers – if things aren’t running smoothly inside the company, its unlikely to be running smoothly on the outside.

You need to coach and empower through feedback and have a more positive focus on feedback – and if it can’t be positive it needs to be constructive.  The reviews you conduct don’t even need to include paperwork.  They can be a brief catch up which covers things which are on both yours and the employee’s minds.