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12 Ways To Ensure Success When Next Recruiting

Oakstone International Executive Search success when next recruiting

The biggest cause of hiring the wrong people is the recruiter making assumptions about the client or the talent.  Assumptions can lead to mistakes so its always best to ask when you’re not sure.

Successful recruitment is all about finding the right match between client and talent – ensuring that there is a win-win result.  Here is how you can ensure you won’t make mistakes on your next recruitment process.

1. Make sure the role you have been given to work on has already been signed off by someone who has the authority. You’ll want to be paid for the time you put in so ensure you’re working on a role that is needed.

2. Ask questions about the role. Your client might give you a job description but there are many aspects of an ideal person that may not be written down. Finding the right match will mean getting the know your client and getting to know what they’re really looking for.

3. Get to know the final decision maker. This could be the CEO, HR Manager or Divisional Manager. You need to have a relationship with this person, so you get to know what they are looking for. Trying to match someone to everyone’s requirements could mean you’ll be wasting your time.

4. Work to and get exclusivity on the role you’re working on. Don’t assume your client is only working with you.

5. Find out what the must haves are. You’ll be given a list of skills and experience however you need to determine what they want and what they need.

6. Explore the top salary package. Ask the client about the package they’re offering and find out what their absolute top is – their suggested package offer will rarely be their absolute limit for an ideal candidate.

7. Be wary of internal candidates. Your client will probably be considering someone internal. Ask they about it if you’re unsure.

8. Be wary of your talent. Candidates can often act interested in a role, however they are all open to counter offers. Keep in contact with them and build a strong working relationship, this way they are more likely to be honest with you and not let you down right before the contract is signed.

9. Prepare your candidates and clients. Don’t assume they will know how an interview will go.  Prepare both the candidate and client about one another so they can judge what to expect and prepare themselves accordingly.

10. Prepare the candidate to resign. There are many ways to exit a job amicably. Prepare some pointers for the candidate so they feel comfortable doing do without burning all their bridges.

11. Stay in touch with your candidate and client. Even when you think a deal is done, it often isn’t. keeping in touch and staying updated with everyone is a sure way you’ll be the first to know if something goes wrong.

12. Get some feedback. Great relationships cannot be over looked.  Even after a placement has been made, finding out feedback from both the candidate and the client shows great customer service and can be extremely useful – your customer knows who you have performed!

Never ever assume anything throughout the  recruitment process