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Great Service: Positive Relationships In Your Professional Network

Oakstone International Executive Search great service: positive relationships in your professional network

In any profession, there are certain criteria for delivering great service. Great service effects everything from the company’s brand, reputation and future success. Having positive relationships in your professional network makes it so much easier to provide a great service. Take a look at our pointers below.

Positive Relationships

In business, it is essential to create professional networks and could mean the difference between winning a new client. It’s also essential given the many social and professional platforms for businesses – word gets around quickly, and bad words get around even faster.

In business everyone appreciates honesty, respect and being fully informed. Of course, nothing is stopping you from going the extra mile in enhancing your relationships. Consider a thank you card, a thank you call/email, flowers, gifts or even giving a recommendation on LinkedIn.

It’s not only in the professional world where positive relationships are a must- positive networking can help you in all aspects of your life.

Be responsive.

No one likes to leave a message and never get called back, or email and never get a reply.  I’m sure you have experienced it and remember who those people were.  The likelihood is that you will probably choose to contact someone else in the company if you need to.  We are all busy and making time to be responsive can sometimes be a challenge.  Without being responsive there cannot be a positive relationship and therefore your professional network could start to crumble.  You don’t want a bad reputation for being someone who never responds. Set some time every day to go through unscheduled connections such as missed voicemails, emails and LinkedIn messages- this will make the task seem less daunting if you were to do it once a week!

Share your expertise.

Knowledge is power and sharing a little could enhance a positive relationship.  Professionals like knowledge and you sharing a little with them may mean they will share a little with you. Sharing expertise works both ways and being appreciative of any knowledge shared will also help you in your quest for positive relationships.