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Public Civility ? The lack of basic manners and consideration

Bournemouth has an out of date reputation as a place for ageing people to retire to – today it’s become a hive of activity at weekends and a top UK destination for Hen and Stag groups who can really liven the place up on a Friday and Saturday night –

More normally it’s become a young, vibrant and highly cosmopolitan area due to its successful and growing University as well as its numerous language schools. In addition, Bournemouth has recently overtaken London as having the fastest growing digital economy (Source: The Telegraph) – the result is a hugely varied population both permanent and transient that make the place ‘cool’.

Taking a walk with my wife and adult Daughter along the beach prom last month we were enjoying a balmy evening – the sun was low in the sky and many families and their children and grandchildren were enjoying the end of a beautiful late summers day- people enjoying BBQ’s on the beach and by their beach huts – some very quiet music being played here and there – it was the picture of English old style holidays and culture.

Walking through all these relaxed families strode a young man and his lady partner – nothing exceptional about them or worthy of comment had it not have been for the volume and genre of music emanating from the box being carried on the young mans back – I kid you not, as a lover of all types and styles of music and usually having it played on high – I am not easily offended but this guy was intruding on everyone else within a large circumference around him – all were staring in disbelief as they walked past.

Now to the offensive part – those of you who know me will testify to the fact that I am no prude, nor do I have much sympathy with those who wish to be PC, HOWEVER – the language and subject matter coming from this guys music system was at best rated XXX.

The old ladies, little children and my wife, daughter and I were all being subjected to what the ‘artist’ was doing or wanting to do to a variety of sexual partners – not particularly congruent with the beautiful calm and family oriented environment we had all been enjoying just moments earlier.

Yes, I decided to have a word with the young man – his response was unsurprisingly focused on his right to play his music at whatever level he wanted to wherever he wanted to, in complete disregard to everyone around him.

Well it is a free Country – but what has happened, at least in a small minority of people/cases, to civil behaviour, to consideration, to common decency. How have some people simply missed out on understanding the need for care, decency, basic manners and consideration for others?

– Paul Rayner- CEO