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Make Your Recruitment Process A Positive One

Oakstone International Executive Search Make Your Recruitment Process A Positive One

Strong candidates today can afford to be highly selective when it comes to career progression and the companies they work for. Skills shortages are increasing, and overcoming the problem is only going to get harder.  Why are people going to choose you to work for? With company insights and culture being up for scrutiny in the public eye through platforms such as Glassdoor, it’s easy for anyone to gain information into what it’s like working for your company. Candidates have a great deal of power, so their experience throughout the recruiting process will make or break your ability to hire the best.  Here’s how to make the recruitment process a positive one for your candidates.

Give them a taste of your company culture

Everything you do should be an extension of the company culture, including recruitment. Think of the message you want your candidates to leave with and how this reflects on your company – make it positive.  After all, they need to fit your company as well your company fitting them.

Even if you feel the candidate isn’t right for the position, taking the time to give them a company experience will always reflect positively on your company brand.  Treat them with respect.

Personalise their experience

Candidates don’t want to feel like a number, you need to personalise responses and feedback to show that you appreciate the time and effort they are putting into the process.  This may take up a little extra time but it reflects fantastically on your company, and it is an investment.

Being quick at responding also improves the recruitment process for everyone involved,  including you – if the courtesy is reciprocated.

Be authentic and direct

To attract the right candidates, you need to be transparent about your whole recruitment process including what its like to work for the company.  Be realistic about the company culture and the people that work within the business. By letting the candidate in on everything there is to know they can judge whether the company is right for them – reducing the turn over rate in the long run.

Be open, honest and direct – don’t play games or politics. Work to be a great place to work, learn and develop.

Use these tips with all candidates – some may not be right for your business, but they may know someone who is.