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The Importance Of Appreciation

Oakstone International Executive Search the importance of appeciation

Do you want highly motivated employees? Then you need to learn to appreciate them.

Working productivity may be a concern to many high-level individuals. Pressures for great figures/performance as well as publicly portraying an excellent brand with excellent people can be difficult, but it may be easier than you think.

Of course, there are many factors which go into keeping a great, motivated team of employees who work hard to ensure they maximise time and performance but there are a certain few factors that may have greater impact than the others.

We have recently discussed factors other than money, and the importance of company culture, but what can we do to enhance company culture?

There have been endless studies on productivity and appreciation in the workplace and there has never been a better time to get reading. With the unprecedented competition for talent in SaaS companies, the last thing any company wants is for their best member of staff to get up and move to a competitor.  Why would they leave? More money? Better benefits? improved company culture, career development…?

The answer may be any of those and many others, however it will almost always include (to some degree) ‘not feeling appreciated enough’.  Appreciation is underestimated, yet we all benefit from it and all enjoy it, so why don’t we do it more?

Studies on appreciation and the workplace have revealed how appreciation can invoke a number of positive reactions including happiness, motivation and satisfaction.

Appreciation can not only improve a number of positive emotions but also encourage your team to go above and beyond for their employer, working harder and better – which could mean higher performance leading to increased profits. So as well as creating a great atmosphere and culture it can also benefit the company directly with figures.

So how does someone go about expressing appreciation? Its certainly not money alone! Many employees appreciate the small things, such a lunches, dinners or even thank you notes and some employees would prefer something more social, such as an outing with the team in their honour – be creative with your appreciation techniques – often a quiet ‘well done’ or a public handshake or ‘hi-five’.  There are plenty of no-cost appreciation techniques:

  • Decision making

  • Career progression

  • Personal thank-you

It may be beneficial for the Manager to appreciate the team member but its also beneficial for peers to appreciate one another.  Employee interaction to appreciate what one another do for each other is just as beneficial, still releasing the same positivity as well as enhancing internal relationships.  Great relationships are the core of company culture and everyone can benefit from that.

What can you do today to enhance the appreciation culture of your team or company? – remember to smile – that alone can make a huge difference.