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The Importance of Working for a Great Leader and Mentor

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The importance of working for a great leader and mentor.

Employees are looking for more than a comfortable pay packet and a few perks.  People are beginning to grow ever more demanding with more requesting things such as stock, car allowance, health insurance, pensions – the list goes on, however the importance of working with a great leader and mentor is often overlooked but can be one of the most important elements to a great career and one of the most important things to consider when embarking on new opportunities.

Why do you need to work for a great leader?

1. You will be provided with support

Great leaders understand their business is nothing without great people and to have great people who respect and work hard comes from time and investment into them.  Great leaders will put in time to help you be better and develop within an opportunity, offering guidance and support when it is needed. Great leaders will always have time for you, so you can get and give feedback when you need it, they’ll also listen to things you have to say and take them on board to make necessary improvements. Leaders should help you set up goals and achieve them – this is not only top-level management but all corners of management.

Never overlook the importance of a great support system at work or the one-on-one time you have with your manager.  A great manager is an endless support system for you and your career.

2. Healthy relationships enhance the company

Having a great relationship with not only leader but everyone in your company will strengthen your role in the company as well as contributing towards engagement, policy and company culture.  Having a great relationship with your manager is only possible if you believe in their values and missions so you can work cohesively.  Make sure you have similar values and missions as your manager before you start working for the business.

3. Trust and commitment

Working for a great leader means you can truly develop trust within your relationship.  You can trust their advice and guidance to better your career and your position you have in the company.  You can rely on them supporting you and ‘having your back’. Working for a great leader also means you’ll be more committed to doing a great job and more likely to stay with the company longer.

4. They always have time for you

Great leaders will always have time for you when you need it – whether that’s 5 minutes or half an hour.  Having time for team members shows they care and are genuinely interested with how everyone is getting on in their roles.  In return for time, great leaders will seek loyalty and dedication from their team.

5. They listen to you

You should never feel invisible at work – your opinions and feelings should always count, and a great leader will acknowledge this.  Great leaders will always take the time to listen to your issues and help resolve them by taking the necessary steps.

A leader should be one of the reasons someone stays with a company – if the right resources are provided to them. Next time you embark on a new opportunity qualify the person you will be working for and make working for a great leader part of your idea role specification.