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Who Says We Don't Like Internal Recruiters


The relationship between internal and external recruiters has always been a delicate one.  The perceived competition lead people to make assumptions that the internal recruiter is not doing their job properly, which is why the recruitment has been outsourced, however this is not correct.

There are many reasons why an external recruiter may be bought into a business:

  • Struggles to fill certain or sometimes all positions

  • Strains on the company because the number of hires needed is very high

  • A specific set of skills and experience is needed for a position such as senior roles, junior roles, technical roles, sales roles…

One internal recruiter may work on all these roles and make a reasonable fist of it; but pass it to the right recruitment firm and they will have experts in each of these areas which will deliver great results.  In instances like this the external recruiter is there to lift the difficulties internal recruiters are facing – to find the best talent available. Doing this allows internal recruiters to work on roles which are better fitted to their skills and experience.

There should never be competition between internal and external recruiters as they should never be working on the same roles.

As an external recruiter is an extension of your existing business a relationship needs to be established between the internal and external recruiter to build rapport and trust, so that both parties can work cohesively to find the best talent for the company.

The truth is, is that external recruiters would rather back out of working on a position if they are working against the internal recruiter.  They don’t want to be wasting time competing as it provides no benefit to them.

Oakstone have worked closely with internal recruiters in the past and it really does benefit the hiring process.  Not having an internal and external recruitment relationship can lead to competition and unnecessary conflict.